There are three different sports that you can play with your pet in Pet Society. Doing these activities can help you earn Paw Points and coins. Plus when you master these sports you’ll be rewarded with a golden trophy.

The objective of this task is to toss the ball and catch it by clicking on it. It requires good hand-eye coordination. To make it easier for you, be sure to toss the ball near the wall of your house. That way you’ll be able to see how it bounces from the wall.

Frisbee concept is just like the ball except it travels faster and you have a smaller area to click on. This will test your reflexes; so you have to be alert. Just like in the ball, you have to stay near the wall for this one.

Jump Rope
Jump rope requires lots of concentration. You need to click on your pet at the right time to jump, which is the instant the rope turns red. Instead of relying on the red line, click on your pet when the rope passes your pet’s eyebrow. If this doesn’t work, look for another visual reference point that can help you keep your rhythm going.