In the past you click on the send energy pack button and it will send an energy pack to random mafia members. At present when you click on the button, you’ll be asked to select from your friends’ list.

Also you can only stock up to five Energy Packs at any time. Even if you accept more than five, you’ll be credited with five. When the time comes when you have no Energy Packs to use, you can ask your mafia for more.

Now you can see who gave you energy packs. This is another Energy Pack feature that’s added recently in Mafia Wars. When you click on the Show more, a popup will show who gave you energy packs and you can thank them by clicking on the Thank button. They will receive random items to show your gratitude.

Now it is rewarding to send Energy Packs today. You’re mafia member gains extra energy per day and you have a chance to receive a random item when your mafia member shows his/her gratitude for the help.