Chapter 2 of the Challenge Mission: Mumbai in Mafia Wars is now unlocked. But in order to proceed to chapter two, you must first master the four jobs in the first chapter.

Just like the first chapter, Chapter 2 – Fights, Cameras, Factions has four jobs that you need to master before you can go to Chapter 3, which will unlock in 3 days as of this posting. The four jobs are:

  • Hire an Understudy for the Lead
  • Collect a Production Company Kickback
  • Choreograph an Epic Dance Number
  • Get a Film Distribution Deal

If you are going to ignore the Job Heat Meter, you need at least 8,600 Energy and 380 Bollywood Film Reels to complete Chapter 2 in one sitting. But if you don’t have that much Energy and Bollywood Film Reels, there’s enough time to master all four jobs.

Once you’ve completed Chapter 2 – Fights, Cameras, Factions, you will be rewarded with a Bollywood Superhit. It is a weapon with 47 Attack 81 Defense.

How many days will it take for you to complete Chapter 2 of the Challenge Mission: Mumbai?