When playing games as a kid (for players of a certain generation) the accusation of being a ‘button basher’ was often thrown about. This was levelled at those gamers who would furiously hammer the buttons on their control pad in hope of influencing a positive outcome on whatever game they were playing.

This is much harder to do with modern titles because, let’s face it, you have to know what you are doing and simply smashing those buttons is no longer a valid fall-back position for those slightly challenged in the skill department – even if it is good for you.

Luck does still have a role in nearly all games that you play online, or off it for that matter, so we have taken a look at which is more important – being lucky or being good.

The game matters

Some games will naturally lend themselves to different players. You have to be very quick and good with button combinations in order to be a successful esports player, especially with the NHL series from EA.

Online casinos offer a pretty good mixture of games and, mainly due to their huge variety, players will be able to find one that suits their skill level. It is always good practice to check out what other players think by checking reviews such as the Lucky VIP Casino review. This way you can gauge the range and type of games available before creating an account.

Battle Royale games also offer a nice mix of luck and skill. You are dependent on your own ability in order to survive but the luck element comes in when you think about the skill of people in the game with you or, in team-based games, the ability of your teammates.

Overwatch is another game that offers great balance between skill and luck. It is a multiplayer, team orientated title that allows the player to pick from a pool of around 30 different heroes all of whom have a different special ability. The skill here is picking the right character for the situations while also hoping those on your team are good enough.

Celeste, one of the best titles on PC in 2019, is definitely a game for those with skill. It is a traditional 2D side-scrolling title but offers amazing gameplay, narrative and feeling that puts it above other, more graphically advanced competitors.

The more you practise the luckier you get

There is no doubt that luck plays a part in all walks of life including video games but the expression ‘practise makes perfect’ could not be more true.

Professional athletes train for years to get good at their sport while professional gamers play as much as 15 hours a day in order to stay at the top level.

If you want to be good at gaming then you have to put in the graft and be prepared to spend long hours honing your skills in order to be the best. Ask any professional if they’d rather be lucky or good and you know what their answer would be.