little-gray-achievementsYeah, it might seem like something completely incredible and hard to believe – World of Warcraft can’t be beaten, especially by somebody with a nickname like “Little Gray”. However, it appears that indeed Little Gray went big and managed to nail down all the WoW achievements and basically do everything that you can do in Blizzard’s title. Pretty impressive, right?

According to MMO Champion, Little Gray (a Taiwanese player with a level 80 Tauren druid) is the first player in the history of World of Warcraft to grab all the achievements and have 986/986 points listed in the Armory! Practically, he is still one achievement short – he misses the BB King achievement, but he somehow used a glitch in the system and is listed at 100%. Either way, one thing is clear: Little Gray certainly played a ton of WoW!

And here are the stats, if you’re curious to find them out: he killed 390,895 creatures and only died 8,543 times, he did 7,255,538,878 points of damage, completed 5,906 quests (which apparently is 14.6 quests per day.) However, if that is any big surprise, he doesn’t seem to be one of the most social players around: Little Gray, the one that managed to “beat” World of Warcraft only hugged 11 people in his enitre “career” and only Lol’s once. Probably after he unlocked the last achievement – we all know that he who laughs last, laughs best.