I am sure that you are really curious to find out everything about the loot drops in the newly released Brazil area in Mafia Wars. I am here to share with you all the items, categorized: all the loot drops in MW Brazil for ALL the districts! Have in mind that the rare items are, at least for now, truly RARE drops!

District 1: Rio de Janeiro
Common: Fer De Lance, Amazon River Guide, Rio Police Uniform
Uncommon: Big Bounty, Banana Slugger
Rare: Chomper

District 2: Belem
Common: Cat’s Claw, Survival Light, Brazilian Fox
Uncommon: Ultra Light, Caracara
Rare: Jiu Jitsu Gi

District 3: Manaus
Common: Pecuna Blowgun, Bora Hunter, Amazon Shaman
Uncommon: Jungle Motion Tracker, Dug Out Canoe
Rare: Amazon Dolphin

District 4: Sao Paolo Heliopolis
Common: Improv Night, Heavy Assault Squad
Uncommon: Crocanoe, Giant Ant Eater
Rare: Rat Tat

District 5: Recife
Common: Pink Birdeater Tarantula, Open Bolt SMG, Arachnid Armor
Uncommon: Freighter, Arma Cunra
Rare: Black Caiman

We are still working on finding all the stats for these loot drops, so if you have them please share them in the comment section below!

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