Building a huge and powerful civilization is not the only reward City of Wonder offers to its players – you can also earn honors in the game – you can call them achievements, ribbons or whatever you feel like – and I am sure you’d like to see a list of them all. Therefore, I have decided to create one and share with you a list of City of Wonder Honors below (each Honor has 4 stages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)

Bronze Constructor Honor (construct 10 buildings)
Silver Constructor Honor (construct 100 buildings)
Gold Constructor Honor (construct ? buildings)
Platinum Constructor Honor (construct ? buildings)

Bronze Stylist Honor (purchase 10 decorations)
Silver Stylist Honor (purchase 25 decorations)
Gold Constructor Honor (purchase 50 decorations)
Platinum Constructor Honor (purchase ? decorations)

Bronze Civilian Honor (grow your civilization to 5,000 population)
Silver Civilian Honor (grow your civilization to ? population)
Gold Civilian Honor (grow your civilization to ? population)
Platinum Civilian Honor (grow your civilization to ? population)

Bronze Sweeper Honor (clean 30 Cultural Buildings)
Silver Sweeper Honor (clean ? Cultural Buildings)
Gold Sweeper Honor (clean ? Cultural Buildings)
Platinum Sweeper Honor (clean ? Cultural Buildings)

Bronze Techie Honor (discover 3 technologies)
Silver Techie Honor (discover 10 technologies)
Gold Techie Honor (discover ? technologies)
Platinum Techie Honor (discover ? technologies)

Bronze Landlord Honor (construct 50 residential buildings)
Silver Landlord Honor (construct ? residential buildings)
Gold Landlord Honor (construct ? residential buildings)
Platinum Landlord Honor (construct ? residential buildings)

Bronze Architect Honor (construct 20 cultural buildings)
Silver Architect Honor (construct ? cultural buildings)
Gold Architect Honor ((construct ? cultural buildings)
Platinum Architect Honor (construct ? cultural buildings)

Bronze Investor Honor (construct 3 economic buildings)
Silver Investor Honor (construct 10 economic buildings)
Gold Investor Honor (construct ? economic buildings)
Platinum Investor Honor (construct ? economic buildings)

Bronze Fortifier Honor (construct 5 military buildings)
Silver Fortifier Honor (construct ? military buildings)
Gold Fortifier Honor (construct ? military buildings)
Platinum Fortifier Honor (construct ? military buildings)

Bronze Producer Honor (collect 500 contracts)
Silver Producer Honor (collect ? contracts)
Gold Producer Honor (collect ? contracts)
Platinum Producer Honor (collect ? contracts)

Bronze Attacker Honor (win 5 attacks)
Silver Attacker Honor (win ? attacks)
Gold Attacker Honor (win ? attacks)
Platinum Attacker Honor (win ? attacks)

Bronze Trader Honor (win 5 trades)
Silver Trader Honor (win ? trades)
Gold Trader Honor (win ? trades)
Platinum Trader Honor (win ? trades)

Bronze Exchanger Honor (win 5 Cultural exchanges)
Silver Exchanger Honor (win ? cultural exchanges)
Gold Exchanger Honor (win ? cultural exchanges)
Platinum Exchanger Honor (win ? cultural exchanges)

Bronze Tycoon Honor (collect 100,000 silver coins)
Silver Tycoon Honor (collect ? silver coins)
Gold Tycoon Honor (collect ? silver coins)
Platinum Tycoon Honor (collect ? silver coins)

Bronze Shopaholic Honor (spend 100,000 silver coins)
Silver Shopaholic Honor (spend ? silver coins)
Gold Shopaholic Honor (spend ? silver coins)
Platinum Shopaholic Honor (spend ? silver coins)

Do you have any information on this City of Wonder Honors? Please share them with us in the comment section below so that we can have a complete list!