With video games becoming one of the most important cash entertainment generators, it’s no surprise to see that more and more games will be turned into big budget movies. Until now, the general rule of thumb was that both movie adaptations of video games and vice-versa completely sucked. However, I do believe that some day gamers (and not only) will receive some really high quality films based on their favorite games.

That day could be really close since, as I said in the beginning, there are lots of games turned into movies nowadays. The folks over at Videogamesblogger did some digging and created a really cool list of games to be made into movies. I’m presenting you below the confirmed titles (and the year they’re expected to be released):

1. Mortal Kombat 3 (2010)
2. Tekken (2009)
3. Driver (2010)
4. Splinter Cell (2010)
5. Fear Effect (2009)
6. Halo (2009)
7. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
8. Cold Fear (2008)
9. WarCraft (2009) / World of Warcraft (2011)
10. Metal Gear Solid (2009)
11. Clock Tower (2009)
12. The Suffering (2009)
13. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (release date: February 27th, 2009)
14. Onimusha (2009)
15. Kane & Lynch (2009)
16. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (2010)
17. King of Fighters (2010)
18. Joust (2010)
19. The Legend of Spyro (2009)
20. Sabotage 1943 (2009)
21. Resident Evil 4 (2010)
22. Bioshock (2010)
23. Earthworm Jim (2010)
24. God of War (2010)
25. Gears of War (2010)
26. Area 51 (2011)
27. Soul Calibur
28. Fatal Frame (2009)
29. Pac-Man
30. Alone in the Dark 2
31. Duke Nukem

A rather lengthy list, and there are quite some titles I can barely wait to check out. And since just one title in that list is directed by Uwe Boll (Sabotage 1943 – based on Velvet Assassin), we might even receive some solid titles. We’ll see!


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