fightinglegoA while ago we brought you the news that the upcoming Lego game might be Lego Battles and it appears we were correct: Warner Bros and TT Games have officially announced the game’s development for Nintendo DS handhelds. Not exactly what everybody was expecting (we had rumors about a Lego Harry Potter), but still better than nothing.

According to its developers, Lego Battles will blend three Lego themes together to deliver an unique extension to the classic customization and humor of the Lego videogames. Therefore, the upcoming title will offer a new type of “build and battle” gameplay, by mixing themes such as Lego Castle, Pirates and Space.

Through six distinct story lines, players build their own bases and battle teams as they engage in over 70 different levels, mixing and matching units to create the ultimate customized squad. This means that pirates could be fighting alongside aliens or wizards against teams composed of dragons, ninjas and knights. Which sounds fun enough to at least give it a try. And we will be able to do so this summer, when the game is scheduled to be released.