jumpgate-evoutionIf you wanted badly a title able to run even on low-end PCs, without looking like a title from the 80s, it might be Jumpgate Evolution the title you were expecting. Codemasters promise that their MMO can be run flawlessly on machines running minimum specs as low as an Intel P4 1.4GHz processor! Now that’s something we’d like from a bit more games, wouldn’t we?

But until then, let’s find out the minimum system requirements for Jumpgate Evolution:

Windows XP/Vista
Intel P4 1.4GHz or better (2GHz if using Vista)
512MB RAM (1GB if using Vista)
64MB Graphics Card
Direct X 9.0c, Broadband connection, 2x DVD ROM Drive
8GB free hard disk space

We also have the recommended system specifications suggested by Codemasters and they’re not obscenely high, either:

Windows XP/Vista
Dual-core Intel Pentium D
256MB Graphics card with vertex and pixel shader capability.

However, it is a MMO we’re talking about and these should always be designed to run on low-end computers, too.