Several OSRS players are tempted to buy accounts from other players. They hope to use a higher level account and gain access to quests and activities that they can’t with their current game account. Though it may seem like a profitable deal, is it safe to buy OSRS account from other players?

Don’t buy OSRS accounts!

No one in their right mind would recommend that! You can lose the account at any time. The seller can recover the account and change the password. By spending money to buy another’s OSRS account, you bear the risk of losing both; the gold and the money!

In 95% of cases, players have lost the account they had bought. It may not happen instantly, but the seller can recover the account whenever he wishes. It could be after several years that you find that the account is no longer yours. So, it’s definitely a terrible idea to buy a high-level OSRS account to explore the more advanced levels.

Level up your account with OSRS gold

OSRS gold

Many players don’t know that they can buy cheap OSRS gold from websites listed in Gamezod to level up their game account. OSRS gold can be used to upgrade skills in the game or purchase useful items. You can progress much faster using the gold and Old School Runescape guides that you have bought, instead of risking losing your money by buying another account.

As soon as the account sold to you is recovered by its original owner, your hard work and money both will be lost. Instead, you can spend some money to buy cheap OSRS gold from websites listed in Gamezod. This way your progress is secured and you remain the owner.

Don’t trust strangers selling OSRS accounts

People with really advanced game accounts can easily lure newbies who want to progress faster in the game. New players are impatient to reach higher levels and unlock access to different quests. But buying an account from another person, even if you trust him, is a risk not worth taking.

Besides the money, all the hard work you put in the game will be gone in an instant. Instead, if you use OSRS gold to overcome limitations and enhance skills like mining, woodcutting, and construction, you can progress with your own account. At Gamezod, you can find where to buy OSRS gold at a lower price and save money while leveling up your game.

Spending OSRS gold can earn you more gold

If you spend the cheaply bought gold smartly enough, you can end up making more gold later in the game. Gold can be used to enhance your efficiency in the game and enable you to acquire more rewards in the game.

It’s a good idea to use your gold to upgrade armor, boost skills, get stamina potions, etc. You can also use your gold to buy bonds to enjoy in-game benefits. Once you have grown your gold, you can even sell it for actual cash.

Don’t live with the fear of losing your account

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Since the early release of the game, many people have been lured to buy other people’s accounts. Doing so, you will live in the constant fear that your account could be reclaimed anytime by its original owner.

The original owner can use the details like the last 4-digits of the credit card to reclaim his account. As he recovers his account, you will lose access to it. For those questioning ‘is it safe to buy OSRS account from other players?’ There is a high probability of losing your money if you buy an account.


If you really want to spend money to level up your OSRS account, buying cheap OSRS gold online sounds much safer than purchasing someone else’ account. Using the gold, you can witness the rapid evolution of your own account and have much more fun while doing so. Also, you can avoid the risk of being duped by another person.

So, if you are keen on faster progress, it’s really easy to find where to buy OSRS gold on Gamezod and start leveling up your player’s skills in the game.