As a rule, good designers are always very busy with a large number of orders. Many often consciously deprive themselves of sleep or food in favor of work. But they also need to rest – preferably without being distracted from the work process. For their fortune, the technologies do not stand still (an electronic writing pen can be an example), so there are a lot of specialized games for designers to combine kind with healthy. We selected 5 of them to share with you.

Code Combat
This is a browser game when you play it, you can learn how to code. At each level, you are faced with the task of getting out of the dungeon, finding an object or defeating a monster. You control the game also by entering the code. Code Combat also offers several playable characters, a long campaign, hero outfits, several top programming languages available for learning, including Python and JavaScript.

“You do not need lessons! – declare the creators. You need to write a lot of code and have a good time doing this. This is the essence of programming. That’s why Code Combat is a multiplayer game, not a training course.”

The Bézier Game
This is another brilliant game that will help you master the complex technique that every designer should know: building Bezier curves, in other words, using the Pen Tool. This is certainly one of the most complex tools in the field of graphic design, which is difficult to work with, as it is completely different from any other way of drawing lines and curves. In the beginning, you may encounter difficulties, but mastering it, you will get the most effective way to draw beautiful vector shapes and precise formations of selected areas.

Bezier curves were widely advertised in 1962 by the French engineer Pierre Bezier, who used them to develop car bodies for Renault. If you want to learn how to work with the Pen Tool in application design, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, you should definitely appreciate this game!

The Pitch
This is a board game about graphic design. Its creator, Fatima Kabba, says that “this game will help to join the creative process not only to designers or creatives but also to your grandmother who cannot click a mouse or your friend-economist.” The goal of the game is to come up with projects (individually or in a team), present them to the art director and win points. Variety in the process is made by cards that affect the rules.

People not from a sphere of design will like the competitive element and familiarity with the creative process, and professionals will appreciate the chic graphics performance of the game and improve their presentation skills.

The Rather Difficult Font Game
This is a quiz, in which you must determine which font is used in the presented word. As implied in the title, this is not a simple game, and it is created for more experienced designers. However, a beginner in design should try to play it. It is very informative and will teach you to search for subtle features of fonts that distinguish them from each other and make them unique. And for a designer, the ability to recognize these small differences is a very important skill.

Logos Quiz Game
We are constantly surrounded by company logos, we see them on TV, on the streets, on important events … everywhere! But, how many logos do we recognize? Game LogosQuiz is full of fun, which you will get, guessing the names of hundreds of logos of different companies. To achieve this, you can use tips to help you complete the game. You can also ask your friends if you do not know the answer! Challenge them and find out who remembers the logos best of all! At the moment there is only a mobile version of this game.

Try some of this offers in free time and you can always be sure that your skills will be never atrophied!