There’s a very good reason why online casinos so heavily promote video slots. Collectively, these highly entertaining games of chance provide online casinos with their best little money makers. The fact the casino’s advantage on online video slots ranges from 3% to 10% seems to be lost on a whole generation of online gambling enthusiasts who can’t seem to get enough of their favorite online slot games.

Since online slot players refuse to be deterred, a lesson on how players can optimize their chances of winning would seem to be in order. If a video slot enthusiast is intent on playing video slots on an online casino site like, they would be well served to learn how to better their chances of maximizing their winnings or minimizing their losses.

Three Steps to Improve Your Chances of Beating Online Slot Games

To be clear, there are no systems available that can help slot players gain a statistical advantage while playing online video slots. In the truest sense of the phrase, it’s all about luck. What players can do is employ the following three things to improve their chances of walking away a winner from online slot play.

  1. Always Bet the Maximum – Every online video slot is geared towards a graduated payout scale based on the amount a player plays per spin. There’s no bigger tragedy in the gambling realm than a player hitting a magic jackpot but missing out on the big payout because they didn’t play the maximum wager allowed per spin. If you are going to play video slots at all, play for the big win with max bets.
  2. Shop for Games with the BEST RTP Percentages – RTP or “Return to Player” is the percentage of every dollar wagered that’s is returned to the players over an extended period of time. If a game has a RTP rating of 96%, the player can expect to lose 4% of every dollar they bet. That amounts the house’s edge on that particular video slot. Each video slot is tested and receives an RTP rating, which each online casino is required to disclose in some manner. At this point, you should see where this is leading. If you are going to play video slots, you are better off playing a slot with a 96% rating than a slot with a 94% rating.
  3. Play Progressive Slots – If it’s video slots that you fancy, you might as well go for the huge jackpots that are available with progressive slots. A progressive slot is a casino game that’s connected throughout a full network of online casinos. All players who are playing a particular progressive slot game will invest their monies with a small portion of each bet being siphoned off to create a separate progressively growing jackpot. Any player who is able to do what’s necessary to claim such a jackpot could win literally millions of dollars. Back in 2015, one lucky British player hit the Mega Moolah (Microgaming) progressive jackpot for more than $20 million USD.

Following these three guidelines will not guarantee wins. However, following them will give you an opportunity to maximize what you get in return for playing.