Slots are likely the most popular and addictive casino games out there, with millions of players winning and losing crazy amounts of money on pokies every year. If you are a newbie and slots are the kind of games that interest you the most, you might want to know some bullet-proof tips on how to win at slots. The answer is there are no 100% reliable ways to win on a slot machine, whether you play online or in an actual gambling house. But how do people win money playing slots? Well, there are certain tips and tricks that could increase your chance of winning money, at least slightly, so stick around to find them out.

Do Not Bet More Than You Can Afford to Lose

One of the biggest mistakes made by the inexperienced gamblers is betting more than they can comfortably lose. Depending on your budget, identify the amount of money you can lose without experiencing any serious outcomes and never go past that limit. Whether it’s 10$ or $1000, be honest with yourself and quit the game once you pass that point. Remember, you are likely to lose even when you play the best paying pokies – that is how these games work, so be wise. Whether you are a fan of online gambling entertainment, the best of which you can find on this website, or a fan of brick-and-mortar casinos, you should be cautious of how much you lose and how much you win. Before you become a skilled player, you’ve got to be a wise player, so please, listen to the good advice and never go past your limit.

Choose High Return Slots

When it comes to slots, there are different types of those, and all of them can offer a different return to player rate and different jackpots. Let us look at the 3×3 reel classic slots: they have a lower RTP rate, which means that you’ll be having losing spins really often. But! Once you hit the right combination, the jackpot could be high. These are the best paying pokies when it comes to a single successful spin, and you can find tons of those in the casinos here on our review list. The best paying pokies might also give you a better win over the long run. 5×3 reel slots would not have those crazy jackpots, but they have a higher chance of winning at least some coins on each spin.


So, you might want to stick to those pokies if you want steady but smaller wins.

There’s No Sure Way to Win

Remember, whatever anyone may tell you, there is no bullet-proof way to win money in a slot game. Anyone who tells you they know the secret to winning money in slots is a scammer, especially if they want money to tell you that secret. What you need to remember that the casino wants to win as much as you do because that’s how they make money, and the truth of a matter is that they would not program their slots in such a way as to lose money. Even the most transparent and honest casinos out there make their slots to give the player a chance to win but never guarantee that. That is why you must be cautious whenever you gamble in any casino.

Try Progressive Slots

The difference between classic slots and progressive slots is that in the later, you’ve got to gradually increase your bets as you win more money. The problem with this type of slot is that it has a slightly higher entry threshold for entry, so you will need a bit more money to start the game. However, once you start playing it, whether it is an online slot on your mobile phone or a real machine in a casino, you are likely to pull off a huge win. The thing is that in progressive slots, you gradually raise the bet, which in turn raises your wins, and as you win more and more money, you generate an increasing jackpot. Let’s say you start with $100 and bet 5 to 10$ on each spin, so once you go up to $200, you’ve got to raise your best up to 10$ to 20$ per spin. That way you are going to generate bigger wins over time. Or you might lose, that also happens.

progressive slots

Wrap Up

Pokies are fun and easy games that allow you to hop in and have a good time without any prior experience. Slots, for the most part, are the games of pure luck, and there is no strategy as to how you win money in these games. Whoever says they know a winning strategy is a liar or scammer, and you should not listen to those people because slots are the luck-based games. If you want to win in slots, you have got to be wise and remember not to bet more than you can comfortably lose, stick to high-return slots, and maybe try progressives.

These are the tips that may help increase your chances of having a good time and winning money, at least slightly. Just remember to be wise, not lose your head, and never chase your losses – once you’ve gone past your established limit, stand up and go away, the game is over for the day. Gambling is addictive and sometimes dangerous, so you should be cautious of what you do, how much you win, and how much you lose.