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Old school video games sure are challenging to play, particularly because back in the day, there was no tutorial that you can download, explaining how to play the game. The difficulty of figuring out how you can work your way around the levels of the game is actually part of the fun. If you are a gamer who is fond of these vintage video games, then or sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on the games below.

1.  Super Mario

Super Mario is a video game series that made it big in the 80s. This game is created and published by Nintendo and was originally played on the Family Computer console. However, you now have the option of playing this game on your computer using the arrow keys. The letters A or B will allow you to jump on your enemies or on mystery boxes where you can collect additional lives. On the other hand, the letters X or Y will allow you to run or fire.

2.  The Legend of Zelda

Zelda series also came from Nintendo and the popularity of this video game paved the way for millions of copies of this game to be sold all over the globe. Perhaps its popularity can be attributed to the fact that in a single game, a role-playing experience is garnered by the players, alongside other game types such as puzzle games, explorations, and action or battle games. Like with Super Mario, you can already play the Legend of Zelda through online channels too.

3.  Street Fighter

Street Fighter is another game in the 80s that is hard not to love. To play this fighting game, you need to choose a character, each featuring specific moves and different actions. Your main objective should be putting your opponent in a position that will pave the way for them to lose and use up their hurt box. In this way, you will be able to make different kinds of moves such as punches, kicks, and throws until your opponent is knocked out.

4.  Pac-man

Pac-man was released in 1980 and it made the mark by being the first real character gaming. With this game, you simply need to eat all the gold dots in an enclosed maze. While the objective of the game is simple, players have an adrenaline rush in running from the ghosts which can cause your character to die.

Where Can You Find These Games?

You can already play some of these games on your computer by accessing digital channels. Otherwise, you can buy retro video games through online stores that stock classic games from Nintendo. More often than not, these stores also make classic gaming consoles and retro gaming accessories available.

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To wrap things up, get your nostalgic fix by playing a game of Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter, or Pac-man. Explore digital channels that provide these games or physically source them from online thrift shops. For sure you wouldn’t get enough of these games that you have grown with.