vista-logoIf you’re using Microsoft’s Windows Vista and find it difficult to play the latest computer games on high graphical settings, despite possessing a powerful rig, you might want to uninstall Vista and get yourself Windows XP. (I’m just kidding – if you have performance issues, you should definitely try to tweak Windows Vista for your ultimate gaming experience).

You probably know that playing with the settings all by yourself could result in irremediable damages to your operating system, so it would be better and safer in such cases to let experts tell you what to do. In this case, I’m talking about the folks over at Tech Radar who came up with a pretty impressive and useful tutorial on how to tweak Vista for a perfect gaming performance. Sweet music to your ears, right?

They’re dealing with issues like file indexing adjustments, page file configuration, boosting the performance of SATA disks and much, much more. A must read if you’re a gamer using Windows Vista. So go read it here and tell us if you found it useful.