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Gaming can be an addiction just like drugs, food, traveling, and other forms of escapism can be. The only difference is that gaming is not entirely bad for your health, and the adrenaline rush helps you burn calories, relieve anxiety, and develop your strategic thinking, which can make you smarter and more creative. Gaming has other benefits, too, like helping you make new friends. It also works as a great distraction from life’s troubles.

If you have always been addicted to playing, or if you are a new enthusiast who developed a gaming habit during the quarantine, you deserve to have an exclusive area to play away from all other distractions in your house. This area doesn’t have to be a big room; you just need a small place for you to put all the necessary equipment, accessories, and enough room to hide all the wires. This will help you have a better and more comfortable gaming experience and can be of great convenience to the whole household if you live with other people. Here are a few tips to set up your own gaming room.

The Basics

The basic factors you need to think of when setting up your own gaming room are the space, the lighting, electricity installation, and the internet. You need to make sure the room has enough space for your gaming essentials. And you do not want to choose a sunny room as your gaming room so that you are able to see all the graphics and visuals clearly without the sun’s reflection on the screen blinding your sight. Also, make sure you choose the room with the most lamps and different lighting options because you don’t want to end up with a headache as a result of poor lighting.

And most importantly, you’ll want to organize the cables. There can be so many cables that you may risk tripping on, accidentally cutting, or simply make the room look like a mess. Make sure you invest in an extension cable that is long enough to reach the power socket as well as hide some of them behind the racks. And finally, make sure you get yourself a wireless router to ensure high-quality internet and fast, uninterrupted download and upload speed for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Essentials

Gaming room essentials include everything that will make you more comfortable while playing. You need an adjustable and comfortably padded gaming chair, a desk that is big enough to fit multiple monitors, keyboards, joysticks, and a mouse. There are plenty of variable options for your gaming essentials available online for you to choose from; professionals at recommend having the limitations of the room in mind when furnishing it. Another good piece of advice is to choose a customized design and have your essentials delivered to your doorstep. Remember to get a console and storage space for your games and other gaming accessories. You might also want to get a couple of beanbags and a couch, in case you plan to invite friends and other gamers for game nights in.

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The Extras

Let’s face it, you did not make this room so you can use it every now and then. You’re reading this article because you’re planning to spend hours, days, and entire vacations in this room, so don’t stop at getting the basics and the essentials. Throw a couple of indoor plants in there, hang a few posters or take things to the next level by putting some colorful neon lights under the desk and around the corners of the room.

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and get a few modern shelves for your collectibles and action figures. The extras are what will decorate this room and make it feel like it’s personalized. You don’t want to end up with a flat looking room that makes you feel trapped in a tiny office every time you stay in there. Pamper yourself and get a minifridge for your beers and water, and place a couple of extra dumbbells in there, too; you’ll need them!

Thanks to this year’s different circumstances, there’s now at least one gamer in every family and house in the world. Gaming will help you get over boredom and relieve some of the stress you might be feeling from staying at home. If you’re not planning to make money as a professional gamer, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this room, but make sure it’s comfortable enough and has enough space for you to move around while playing. Also, don’t forget to go for walks and take breaks after long gaming sessions. Remember to try out new games and gaming tools while keeping in mind that the gaming industry is facing technological advancements that you have to consider for a truly unique and intense gaming experience.