Best Gaming Room Setup Ideas for Pro Gamers

From choosing the right furniture to accent color, check out these gaming room decor ideas to take inspiration for setting up your gaming room.  

Just like one needs a workspace to completely concentrate on work, gamers need a gaming zone to get completely immersed in the gaming. The better gaming experience is multiplied a thousand times when the environment is set up correctly. To get totally immersed in the game without any distractions, it is crucial to have the right gaming equipment and personalized settings. Other than aesthetics, the setup should be comfortable enough that you don’t get eye strain or backaches after hours of gaming.    

To help you get your gaming room set up, we have some ideas for you. Whether it’s an entire gaming room or just a small space in the corner of your room, you will get all kinds of inspiration throughout this article.  

Things to Remember While Personalizing Your Gaming Zone

  1. Map Your Room Size

Before the setup begins, you need to map out your room in order to purchase the correct size for your gaming furniture and accessories. For size reference, you can measure the specific space where the furniture will be. If the furniture takes up too much space in a small room, you will feel uncomfortable. If the opposite happens, the room will seem empty. Also, keep in mind how much furniture you are going to fit into that room, such as desk, chair, soundproofing, consoles, shelves, etc. Leave some space for your friends and family who might want to come and play games with you. 

2. Electrical Installation

While you are setting up a gaming room, you will have to deal with all the extraneous amounts of wiring. These have chances of getting tangled and unorganized if left on the floor. It will instantly make your beautiful gaming room setup look messy. Moreover, you can trip over it and ruin the connectivity or even break a console. Therefore, you should find a way to keep the wiring organized and your room neat. You can hide them under the carpet on the flooring. Or, you can use good-quality extension cables to attach to the wall and connect them to the socket.   

3. Soundproofing

Gaming rooms are noisy! While playing online games with friends, people tend to scream and shout. It is a part of the excitement indeed. However, to improve the sound quality and to make sure your sounds do not disturb other people, soundproofing your gaming room is important. Soundproofs will conceal the whole room. Either call a professional to install these for you, or do it by yourself. 

If you don’t find relevant soundproofing near you, carpets, wall-mounted acoustic panels, and thick drapes also work excellent as soundproofing. 

4. Consider the Walls too

While many people concentrate on decorating the gaming room with cool gaming furniture and lighting, they often forget the walls. You can personalize the room wall with graphic posters and stickers that represent your personality. Paint the wall for a permanent finish and hang frames with quotations, your favorite gaming memes, jokes, etc. 

While choosing the wall color for the room, don’t choose anything too bright or glossy as these will reflect light and create glares. Choose matte paints that look soothing to your eyes.    

5. Choose Appropriate Lighting

Gamers prefer their room dark and archaic, but that does not mean you don’t need lights at all. You will require the main overhead light and ambient lights. Ambient lights, such as neon lights or LED lights, should be installed in places where they do not come in direct contact with your eyes. If you have seen other gaming setups, the ambient lighting is laid out behind the monitor, providing a pleasant glow. This helps keep your eyes safe from strains when you are playing in the darkroom.    

What To Buy:

Now let us see what basic things you need to buy to decorate your dream gaming room.

  • Good quality Speakers

Gaming without a speaker is like having fries without ketchup; you won’t enjoy it. Therefore, to enjoy your gaming to the fullest, it is crucial to buy excellent-quality speakers. Because the sound effects are what takes your game to the next level, it increases the excitement and tension while playing. Choose speaker channels that are 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1. The modern speakers are normally cordless, so you can choose them to avoid a wiry mess.     

  • A Gaming Chair

While there are so many chairs available, why would you specifically need a gaming chair? Gaming chairs are created to provide lumbar support that won’t hurt your back after long hours of extensive gaming. Moreover, these chairs can be reclined and are foamed well for all-time comfortable sitting. 

You can check out some more detailed reviews of gaming chairs at and pick your favorite one. You can pick the chair according to other furniture’s color coordination and theme of your gaming room as there are wide varieties of gaming chairs available.

  • Neon Light Strips

Gaming set-ups are kind of incomplete without installing gleaming LED lights or neon lights. These lights are futuristic and provide a cozy and ambient vibe in the room while combating the darkness. There are single-color strips and customizable light strips available on the market. It is suggested to invest in the customizable ones that come with a remote control to change the lighting. This way, you can select the light according to your mood.   

  • Gaming Desk 

The gaming desk is the core of your gaming room. However, while buying the desk, what matters the most is your room’s size and availability of space. Also, the height of the chair matters while choosing the height of the desk so that your legs can fit comfortably under it. There are numerous sizes and shapes of gaming desks available on the market. 

On the other hand, the size of your desk will determine how many accessories you can fit on it. If your desk is wide, apart from the monitor, you can accommodate sound speakers, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. The desk should be wide enough to fit the necessities. 

  • Projector 

It is an optional purchase for those who have a budget and a spare wall in their room, of course. While playing games on the screen from close up can take a toll on your eyes, you can use the projector for gaming from a distance. In this way, you can enjoy gaming on a larger screen. Although you can get this advantage on streamlined LED TVs as well, projectors provide the advantage of customizing the screen. Whatever you choose, make sure you connect all of your gaming essentials.  

  • Storage

If you are a gamer, it is evident that you have tons of gaming consoles and other gaming accessories that need to be sorted. For this, buy a shelf for your gaming room and sit it near your gaming desk for easy reach. If you lack space in the room, you can build wall-mounted shelves. This way, you can keep the room neat and tidy of all the clutter. 

  • Extra Accessories

After you are done buying all the necessary stuff for your gaming room, it is time to buy the extra accessories to amp up the room even more and make it comfortable for you. If you have spare space in the room after accommodating all the essentials, place a bean bag or a two-seater sofa to chill while you’re taking a gaming break. Your friends and family members can also sit there and enjoy your game. For keeping cold drinks and snacks handy, set up a mini-fridge inside the room as well. 

Set-up Ideas:

  • For small spaces

If you have limited space where fitting a desk seems hard work, opt for wall-mounted LED screens. In small rooms, the centerpiece or main focus must be the screen. Keep other decorations as minimal as possible to make the room look more spacious.  

  • Budget-Friendly Ideas

You cannot escape the cost while buying gaming equipment for a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. However, you can buy cheaper furniture or avoid installation costs by learning all the installation processes yourself. 

  • Simple Set Up

Simple has different meanings for every person. You do not always require an entire room for setting up your gaming space. Instead, you can use part of a room, especially if you have limited rooms in the house and opt for wall-mounted screens.  

  • Family Gaming Room Set p

Playing games with family or a bunch of friends is more than fun. If you have a gamer family, choose a big room or the hall room, and place two large screen TVs side by side. Accessorize the setup with matching sofas and pillows. For storing the gaming accessories, use your existing cabinets. 

Bonus Tips for Gaming Room Setup:

  • Use black curtains or any darker colored curtains for your gaming room to prevent sunlight glares on your screen during the daytime. 
  • If you are a plant-lover, opt for money plants or succulents to decorate your gaming area, as these plants do not need sunlight to live.
  • If you are working from home, then set the gaming zone to the opposite wall of your working space so it won’t distract you while working. 
  • Always install the neon lights on the ceiling or on the back of the monitor. Otherwise, the glaring lights will disrupt your screen view.
  • To make your gaming setup look more put-together, make sure all the furniture, accessories, and equipment are color-coordinated. Otherwise, the room will look disorderly. If possible, color-coordinate them with your room’s wall. 

Final Thought

A cozy, ambient, and well-decorated gaming room is every gamer’s dream. Pick up some of the ideas from this article and start your redecorating process. You can also check the references to gaming furniture from the internet. Are you ready to set up your dream gaming room now? I sure hope so!