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Just like movie lovers have their home cinema, avid video gamers have a dedicated gaming room. For gamers, this room is essential in order for them to perform to their best. Therefore, it needs to have comfortable chairs for the gamer to sit in and a fast internet connection, as every second counts in games! What’s more, a dedicated room allows gamers to focus and not be distracted by others living the same house. So, what could you add to the gaming room to make it the ultimate space for gaming enthusiasts?

Wall Art 

Having a well-designed gaming room allows the gamer to feel as if they are really in the game. This can be easily achieved by adding an extra large canvas to the wall or a variety of gaming-themed smaller prints to bring the room and wall space to life. From the gamers’ favourite game to the most recent game that has been released, there are many different prints that can be added to the walls to make the room feel unique to the rest of the house.


Like in most rooms, the lighting plays a big part in setting the mood, ambiance and atmosphere. Therefore, it’s important that the lighting is done correctly in the gaming room to ensure that the gamer is able to concentrate and not be distracted or have a glare on the screen.

Ideally, the lighting should be ambient and dimmed, as a glare will make it difficult to see the screen clearly. Therefore, artificial lighting is better than natural lighting. A simple way to achieve this is to opt for black out blinds. These will ensure that no light enters the room and players can completely focus on the screen without any distractions.


It’s imperative that you have the right and most recent technology when playing. You will need the up to date console and/or PC to play the games on, as well as a good selection of games to play, so you don’t get bored of the same one. Additionally, it’s important to have a good Wi-Fi connection for the best gaming experience, as you don’t want the game to lag. You will also want the latest headset, as this can pin point where sounds are coming from and thus improve your game.

Gaming Chair 

Having the right gaming chair is essential and should definitely be on this list! Gaming chairs have been carefully designed and developed to be sat in for a long period of time. As games can go on for a number of hours straight at a time, it’s imperative that you have a chair that is comfortable to sit in during this time. What’s more, a gaming chair helps you to sit with the correct posture, so you don’t cause any strain or damage to your back when sitting in the same position for a number of hours.

Some gaming chairs also come with speakers built-in to the headrest. This provides a better gaming experience for the individual, as they can clearly hear everything that is going on in the game.

Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration for what you should include and add to your gaming room.