Games can be super fun, especially when you are playing one that you are good at. Once you win, you’re always tempted to tease your opponent. Nothing quite resembles the joy of this little juvenile demeanor, which must bring back childhood memories. And when a game brings fun and intellect together, it tends to surmount all other feelings! These kinds of games can be positively constructive. And if there are any games that exercise your brain, all while spiking your endorphin levels, it’s word games! They constantly have you thinking, and the thrill of playing them is surely addictive.

If you wish to outsmart your opponent, but you’re not sure how, here is everything you need to know.

Types of word games

Word games come in a large variety and with different rules. However, these games are not passive time killers, but are instead constructive time fillers. They will help you develop your vocabulary, while simultaneously compelling you to engage in a more pensive pondering of words. They can include, but are not limited to:

  • Hangman (2+ players game)
  • Crosswords (1 player game)
  • Word Search (1 player game)
  • Scrabble (2+ players game)
  • Boggle (2+ players game)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (3+ players game)

Word games include almost any game that manipulates the use and arrangement of words or letters. You have your 5-minute pen and paper word game, your board and dice games, role playing games, and games that you can play on your phone. One great thing about smartphone games is that they are easily transportable and always accessible.

Some smartphone games have become very popular because of how they get users to engage. One game that has seen a large rise in its users is the famous word game, Words with Friends. This addictive game has impressively amassed 13 million monthly users, which is possibly why online word unscramblers have also grown more popular, seeing as gamers may need some help for words with friends, especially when a single game lasts for hours. This is mainly because this game of wits can have a single user simultaneously play 30 games at a time, and it’s also why

Outsmart your opponent

If you are not where you would like to be performance-wise in a word game, then remember that practice makes perfect. However, if you are looking for tricks and maneuvers that will help you outsmart your opponents and beat them, then you are at the right place.

Use small words

Most word games will trick you into thinking that you need longer and bigger words, even though you do not. Smaller words are more effective, as they increase your chances of getting points on a word, as opposed to getting lower chances when using more complex words.

Add prefixes & suffixes

This is perhaps the master trick that will have you outsmarting your opponent in no time. Always keep an eye out for words that are missing a prefix or a suffix. Just add words like ‘anti’ or suffixes like ‘ing’ at the beginning or the end of a word respectively. These little, yet impactful, tricks will have you outsmarting your opponent in no time.

The letter Q

The letter Q can be a very difficult letter to guess, and for this reason it would be wise to learn as many words as you can. This also applies to all other letters which you may find difficult. Doing so will help you avoid penalties early on in the game.


Hooks are one of these things that you must keep an eye out for, seeing as how they can easily have you outsmarting your opponent. Just add a letter to a word in order to create a whole new word. For instance, “layer” can be turned into “players”.

Save your S

The letter S is a champion of word games, seeing as how it can turn any word into a plural. That said, always use them at the right moment so you can earn a bonus. This will make it difficult for your opponent to predict your next move.

Study the dictionary

Word games revolve around words, and dictionaries are a gateway to all the words you need. That said, by using a dictionary and studying it thoroughly, you will learn more, and become better equipped to outsmart and beat your opponents.

Word games can be one of the most fun games any group of people can play. However, if you are feeling a little self-conscious about your language and linguistic skills, these little tips will have you covered. Outsmarting your opponents will come without difficulty with the help of these guidelines, whether you apply them on a smartphone game, or a board game with your friends.


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