The population of our country that is graduating this year has already been up and about with internships every now and then.

However, to make a mark and be in touch with the industry at all points in time, a shift from social media to constructive social media is necessary.

It’s time this generation gets introduced to the world of professionals – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is just like any other social media platform with the difference being that this is for a professional setting.

People don’t share their holiday pictures and/or family events and party snaps. Here it’s all about career, successes, failures, achievements, motivation, inspiration and looking for opportunities viz. jobs

A misconception that LinkedIn is only for job finding needs to be broken. Newbies, entrepreneurs, founders, recruiters, and in fact all sorts of executives are found here.

Though just making a profile on LinkedIn is not enough to get recognized. It takes time and is a slow process. Sometimes you see the results sooner than later but in the end, patience is the key.

This article will throw some light upon how to optimize your profile making it an ‘All-Star’ one and make the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

What do you mean by an ‘All-Star’ profile?

Remember the strength of a password indicated so as to make it an appropriate one?

This is just that.

An all-star profile refers to the strength or extent to which your profile is completed or is optimized.

A check-mark on all pointers discussed ahead together make your profile complete.

Moreover, why is this stressed upon so much? It is said that the chances of an optimized profile getting recognized are far greater, thus this is definitely something you need to look into.

  • Proper/Apt headline

Make sure to use the right keywords in your headline below your name. This is because when recruiters search for specific positions your profile might come in their search results which will act in favor of you.

For example, a content writer will include all words similar to his work (i.e writing)

  • A professional-looking picture

Your display/profile picture should be decent. Make sure to not upload any casual selfies or mirror-selfies. To be taken seriously on this platform it’s better to portray your best conduct.

  • Detailed ‘About’ section

This section accepts 2000 characters which are around 350-400 words. Be certain that you paint your life story in this limit in a way that is appealing and drawing the readers in.

  • Network/Connections

Send a request to meaningful profiles that will add value to your network. People of the same field, recruiters, HR consultants, basically professionals that you feel can help you out and will be the best match for your objectives.

  • Quality content

Start posting/writing on your feed about things and situations you resonate with. Give matter to your connections so as to keep them engaged and thus in turn you are also designing a portfolio for yourself.

  • Engage with other posts

Posting isn’t the only thing to be done. Commenting and interacting with other posts on your feed will help gain perspective and broaden your network base.

  • Consistency

Be regular with posting value-adding content and engaging on posts and someday you’ll be seen.

Following these are definitely to give you the desired results. You can in the process build your own strategies because, in the end, it’s all about making yourself a brand!