You’ve probably seen already the new building in FrontierVille – the Toll Booth – and you’re wondering how to get it or how to unlock it. Fortunately, the Unigamesity has the answers for you, so search no more and read below to find out everything about the Toll Booth in FrontierVille!

How to unlock the Toll Booth?
Simply complete the Path Finding goal in the game to unlock the building in the market. Then you can purchase it and place it on your homestead, and start building. You need first 100 wood to whack it, then the following materials:

– 5 shingles
– 5 mallet
– 5 peg
– 5 window
– 10 measuring tape
– 10 screwdriver

When posting the message for the screwdrivers, the ones who send you get one for free, meaning that you can get them faster yourself if you decide to help your friends.

After completing the Toll Booth, you can stat using it: you can buy now paths from the market and place them on your homestead to make roads for your neighbors and your family to walk on: these paths auto-connect when placed and when people walk on them, they can drop rewards! Even more, the bigger the number of paths you have, the bigger the toll you can collect from the Toll Booth. Yeah, baby!