Some of us are still working to complete the previous plethora of FrontierVille missions, but Zynga is really hard at work with bringing in new ones: the Pathfinding missions have just been launched in FrontierVille and they consist of six new missions for you to complete – here is a guide for them all to get you started!

1. Path Finding FrontierVille mission:
– Chop Down 2 trees
– Move 6 cows
– Visit Frontier Jack’s Homestead

2. Let’s Make a Deal FrontierVille mission:
– Harvest 25 Corn
– Get 10 Charter Agreements (request them from neighbors!)
– Buy a Toll Booth at the market

3. The Right Tool for the Job FrontierVille mission:
– Have or Obtain Ten Tools (get hired by neighbors)
– Finish Building the Toll Booth
– Collect One Toll at the Toll Booth

4. Beating a Path to Your Door FrontierVille mission
– Build 20 Paths
– Stop Wandering Spouse
– Visit 10 Neighbors who have paths

5. Stubborn as an Ox FrontierVille mission
– Move 10 Oxen
– Collect 10 Bovine Insurance Forms (ask neighbors for them!)
– Feed 10 Oxen

6. Trolling the Toll Booth FrontierVille mission:
– Accept 5 Neighbor Visits
– Collect 3 Tolls

Well, now, I’m sure you have some missions to complete so I wish you good luck with that!