Do feel that your Frontierville homestead is too crowded and wish that there’s a way to expand it? Well your prayers have been answered because Zynga has launched the Huge Homestead Expansion goals in the game. This series has five parts.

To start the Huge Homestead Expansion goals, you need to click on the outer border of your homestead and purchase the missions for 1,000 Coins. It will unlock Part 1 of the chain goal.

Part 1 of Huge Homestead Expansion goals is Huge Homestead Exploration. You are required to do the following tasks:

  • Obtain three Ribbons
  • Buy a Forest Saw
  • Chop ten Neighbor Trees

You can find Ribbons in the Market but the best and cheapest way is to ask one from your Neighbors. The Forest Saw can also be bought from the Market. You need to visit at least two Neighbors for the tree chopping part of the goal.

Once you’ve completed the Huge Homestead Exploration, you’ll receive 200 XP and 2,500 Coins. You can share the completion and your friends can get 100 Coins.