Fake license

Our lives are highly unpredictable. So, being able to assess and analyze what you’d need the next moment is something every person struggles with. You could have everything in place, and something that requires you to access a driver’s license immediately could go wrong.

It could be a sudden need to drive down to the hospital, a need to pick up a friend at night which is stuck in danger, etc. In situations like these, you’d wonder about how to fake a driver’s license that works.

To be fair, you are presented with several options for faking a driver’s license. However, we’d recommend following through with a foolproof process and worth the time.

Steps to Make a Fake Driver’s License

To make a fake driver’s license work, there are certain factors you need to be wary of. Here’s a list of the top factors you need to follow through:

Scanning an Available Driver’s License

You need to find a viable license to make the most believable fake driver’s license. It could be of a friend or even of a relative. We’d recommend using a scanner to scan the license. If you don’t have a scanner, a high-resolution camera works equally well.

Once you have the other driver’s license scanned, you can crop the image to ensure sharp edges and a clean appearance. Always save the final image in PNG or JPG format.

1. Open to Edit the Scanned License Template

Once you have successfully scanned and cropped out the image, you next need to access the cropped image on another computer editing software.

A standard mobile editing software works equally well if you don’t have a computer. Apps like PicsArt can get the job done just fine.

Always ensure that the scanned driver’s license is your template. That’s what you need to work on using the editing software.

2. Insert the Image

You must add some identification marks to make the driver’s license look like yours. In this case, it is a passport-size image. You want to insert the passport-sized image in a way, so it blends with the scanned image of the driver’s license. This includes sharpening and blending the edges without any complaints.

The “Clone Stamp” feature works in making that happen for you. You can also find the “Clone” feature on mobile editing software like Picsart.

If this particular feature is too difficult for you to master, we’d recommend that you use a standard rectangular cropping tool to sort things out for yourself. While pasting the passport-sized image onto the scanned driver’s license, you aim to make it blend in with the actual image on it. You don’t want it to look suspicious at all.

3. Modify the Text Fields

The next thing in creating a fake driver’s license is to modify the text fields. For this, you will need the Clone Stamp and Clone tool.

Your work is to use the clone tool to copy the areas around the text on the scanned driver’s license image. Once you have cleaned out the already existing text from the driver’s license, the next step is to enter your details onto it.

You need the Text tool in that case because you have to align the font and the text size that you are putting on the driver’s license.

Once that’s done, your last step is to add some finishing touches and refine the entire license to make it as realistic as possible.

Use a Fake Driver’s License Maker App or Software

If the above steps seem too tedious for you and you want to go through the process more effortlessly, we’d recommend going online and looking for pre-existing apps and software that can help.

There are quite a few available online. They come with realistic driver’s license templates, wherein you must insert your photograph and personal details, and you are sorted.

These software options are pretty believable, but they are often there for pranks and entry to the pubs and adult clubs. They might not help you avert other serious situations all the time.

Buy from Online Fake ID Platforms

For the users who don’t want to get into the hassle of “creating” your fake IDs, there are websites that can make them for you.

All you need to do is place your order, and you are good to go. However, there are several options on the internet. Your aim with all of these platforms is to ensure that you are focusing on and prioritizing quality and safety.

Platforms like Top Fake ID are great options to get your hands on premium quality fake driver’s licenses. They have been in the business for quite a while, meaning that you won’t have to worry about the quality and authenticity of the fake driver’s license you acquire.

Always double-check the platform’s reliability when buying a Fake driver’s license online. You want to ensure that the service providers are safe, have a good reputation in the market, and won’t end up scamming you for the money you pay.

Look Around the Local Computer Centers

The nearest computer center can also sort you out with a fake driver’s license. However, you need to approach the situation with extra caution. Since faking a driver’s license is illegal, the last thing you want is to get reported to the police.

So, if you are approaching someone at the local computer center to sort you out with a fake driver’s license, look for ones you have known for years and can rely on.


Creating a fake driver’s license at the current date isn’t as complicated as you think. With the rapid technological advancements, it isn’t surprising that things have become a lot more accessible than before, including acquiring a fake driver’s license. We hope this article gives you a comprehensive idea of how you can create one for yourself.