Stronghold 3 was a highly anticipated game by the fan base and even though most of the players got what they expected to get, many others are experiencing problems when it comes to running the game, specifically Stronghold 3 crashes and random problems. In this article I will try to help you fix these Stronghold 3 crashes and problems and help you enjoy the game without any problems!

First of all, before trying any of these fixes, you should make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed and that your computer specifications meet the minimum system requirements to run the game. If everything is OK but Stronghold 3 still crashes, then you should try the fixes below:

1. If you are using Steam, perform an integrity check and repair if required.

2. Crashes and black screen problems might be connected with the game running in a wrong resolution, so we should fix that:

– Open the install folder of Stronghold 3 \Steam\steam apps\common\stronghold3\bin\win32_release
– open the config.xml file with a text editor (notepad) and edit the resolution line: resolution width=1024 height=768 with your monitor’s native resolution.

3. Right click the Stronghold 3 launcher (Stronghold3.exe) and select Proerties. Go to the Compatibility tab and select to run the program in Compatibility with Windows 7 (of course, if you have Windows 7).

And unfortunately, these are the only possible fixes (for now) to the Stronghold 3 crashes and problems. If you have a problem yourself or, even better, a possible fix, please share them in the comment section below.