Finally, one of the most anticipated games of 2013, Bioshock Infinite, has been launched and made available to the entire world. Unfortunately, for the PC users at least, there are some problems with the game and there are already reports of Bioshock Infinite crashes, freezes and other similar problems that manage to completely ruin the experience.

But worry not as we are here to try and help you get the most out of your game and tell you how to fix Bioshock Infinite crashes, freezes and other problems you might come across. Make sure to check out all the tips and tricks below, as you can’t really know which one will work for you!

First of all, we have to go through the basic steps to make sure that everything is OK on your side: make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for running the game and that all your drivers (including sound card drivers) are updated to the latest version.

In order to fix the Bioshock crashes, you can start by downloading the latest nVidia drivers here and the beta AMD drivers here.

Mitigate stuttering: Navigate to (My) Documents\my games\BioShock Infinite\XGame\Config and open XEngine.ini. Search the file for PoolSize and increase the value (640 would be a good starting point). This little trick is the one that has been, so far, the most successful with Bioshock Infinite crashes (Thanks, Neogaf!)

Also tuning down the graphic settings for the game might help you with those random crashes of FPS drops. Turn off the antialising and dynamic shadows. Also disabling the vSync option is also a great idea to reduce the FPS drops and Bioshock Infinite freezes.

If these tips don’t work, you can try unplugging any peripherals that you have plugged in to your computer via USBs, like game controllers and anything else that is not required for your computer to run properly.

For now, these are all our tips for fixing Bioshock Infinite crashes, freezes and other errors. Let us know if you have problems with the game and, more important, if you managed to find a way to fix these problems!