Finding a good casino is hard nowadays. As the casino industry represent a $100 Billion worldwide, there will be scammers there too. Casinos that will deny your withdraw because you haven’t wagered enough, Casinos that will offer you a bonus but then they will not keep their words – this things happen everyday.

And its extremely important to find a good & reliable source to make sure that the casinos that you play on will surely pay you. As a player who often enjoys playing at the casino – the worst part is winning something and not being able to withdraw. I just hate that. I finally got lucky but the casino founds a way to tell me “No,you need to play more”.

And this happend to me a few times, not just once. In fact, at one point I won $2500 on an online casino with just $20 and they haven’t paid that amount to me because I didn’t wagered enough money. Of course, I played on roulette to meet the wagering request and withdraw almost 65% of the amount. Then, I knew I have to change my strategy on which i choose a casino to play on. This is how  I found CasinoPublic.

What is CasinoPublic 

CasinoPublic is website designed to offer what a casino enthusiast needs – a list with casinos that have great promotions and where you could enjoy winning a bit. In fact, they have 5 principles that make them special:

  • Trustworthiness – They are writing honest and unbiased about all the casinos that they review. Its the players opinion for the players.
  • Impartiality – They don’t pick a side and stick with it – as we all know, there can always be a better casino.
  • Actuality – The casino reviews that they make are up to date. In case one of the casinos are turning into a scam or they don’t pay, the review will be edited in the shortest time possible & the casino will be added to the Black List.
  • Fairness – The reviews are made from the player; Its a fair review that each player offer about a specific casino.
  • Availability – The website have a clean UI&UX. Every user can easily find a casino to play on just with a few clicks and by reading a few of their options.

I tried and see if that’s legit and went on their ‘Top 10 Best Online Casinos in 2019’. To my surprise, the #1 casino listed there was also my favorite casino that I spent weeks to find it – LeoVegas. After reading the small review about them, I realized that my reasons for playing there were identical with the CasinoPublic ones. And browsing the website, I found the casino reviews page.

What are these casino reviews & how it can help you 

A casino review is an opinion of a user that played there. Its that simple. You don’t want to play on a casino that doesn’t have a reputation online as your funds may be at the risk. Gambling is risky, but what’s more risky is trusting a no-name casino with your funds. That might lead to losing them all before you can even play.

After I’ve found Casino Public’s page – I started to check their payment options – which are great! They accept Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Paysafecard and even Trustly. Even though withdrawal times may take time, there’s a safety in knowing that the funds will reach you eventually. The Titan Bet casino which is the first on the list have a huge variety of games – Jackpots, Roulette, Slots – you name it, they have.

And to my surprise, the CasinoPublic players were pretty legit regarding the bad parts of the website – such as the old UI&UX that might look old & some spelling errors in the game. But besides of that? everything’s looking good – the casino is legit and you can try and play on it.

Same with the following casinos. For example, on Fun Casino review I’ve noticed that they have an amazing first deposit bonus – a 100% bonus on deposit until 499 pounds and an additional 100 free spins. On 777 Casino, there was a $200 free play bonus that people could use to have fun. And my favorite bonus – the Ovo Casino one where you’d deposit 10 Euro and get 30 Euro to play with, plus a 100% bonus on deposit up to 1000 Euro.

The Casino Bonuses

The CasinoPublic know how to get the best deal from the casinos. In fact, they created a special page on their website where they get exclusive bonuses from trusted casinos. I found a few great bonuses there and even a no deposit casino – which I personally enjoy the most. Even though I know that’s a catch from the casino to make you play more – I enjoy playing with real money offered for free knowing that I didn’t lost anything.

Using the CasinoPublic’s website, I was able to find out 3 casinos which offered no deposit bonuses and win $78 on one of it. I know that’s not much, but I was able to play almost a weekend on the casino with those money. I won’t tell you the name of the website,but you can find all info on CasinoPublic.

And the deal that I enjoyed the most – 50 free spins for each 1 pound deposit on the casino. I got around 5000 free spins from which I won around $200 and which I still play from even today. Another nice thing is that the website also have a few guides that explains you how to play certain games. For example, I didn’t know how to play Keno until last week – now i usually enjoy playing a bit of it.


I hope you enjoyed my small guide on how to find a decent casino for you. And remember, only play with the funds that you are able to lose and if you don’t want to play with cash – no problem, 90% of the casinos always lets you test the games with free money.

And if you want to play with cash, use CasinoPublic’s website to find the best casino deals, bonuses, free spins and guides for playing on a casino.