How to Farm Orokin Cells in Warframe

If you are an avid gamer, there are high chances that you know about Warframe and Orokin Cells. Last year, Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe reached out to their gaming community to help them design an utterly new Warframe. Sounds pretty exciting, right? But, as fun as the proposition sounded, it also brought on a few issues, especially when acquiring the Orokin Cells.

These are the primary components that help develop the game and win weapons and other resources that are likely needed in the game. The good thing is that the players can find these cells in several parts of the game, especially around the farms. You just need to know where.

Here, we will be talking about the best places in Warframe where the players can farm the Orokin Cells without any complications at all.

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How to Farm Orokin Cells?

Before we share the few spots in the game with an abundance of the Orokin cells, the gamers need to know how to farm them. The players need to place themselves in the missions where the cells are dropped to acquire these cells. Once you are there, you need to overthrow the enemies located in that specific mission to bag your Orokin cells.

Players can find the cells in three different planets, including:

  • Saturn
  • Ceres
  • The Derelict

Where to Farm Orokin Cells?

If this is your first time farming Orokin Cells, you need to know about the specific locations to mine these cells. As mentioned, they are available on three different planets. Getting access to Ceres is likely the easiest as you can do so as you progress forward in the game itself. 

Once you have collected enough from Ceres, the next best option is the General Sargus Ruk on Saturn. Derelict does have many Orokin cells on the drop table, but the missions on that planet are extremely tough and complicated, not something that we’d recommend you opt for right into the game. 

Farming Locations for Orokin Cells

Now that you know about the basics of Orokin cells and their locations, the next thing we need to focus on is the most crucial farming locations for these cells. There are quite a few, some known and some not. 

Tethys (Saturn) – Sargas Ruk Farm

The very first option on the list is the Tethys (Saturn) – Sargas Ruk Farm. It is an easy assassination mission wherein the instructions suggest that you have to kill General Sargas Ruk. Upon his death, the General drops a plethora of Orokin cells that the players can gather and use later for their benefit. Saturn also has several Orokin Cell Arrays with the Orokin cells inside them that the players can collect.

Defense Mission on Saturn

Another popular way to acquire some extra Orokin Cells is by going on a defense mission. Helene is one of the most popular ones around. Getting these extra cells help the users gain better access to weapons on Warframes. But, it comes with a few limitations too. Firstly, you can’t set on a mission alone; you need a squad for that. During these missions, the key objective is to kill as many enemies inside the Desecrate Range of Nekros. 

Gabii (Ceres) – Dark Sector

Another underrated option is to head to Gabii directly. The collection of Orokin Cells there is pretty rich, only that the majority of the players aren’t aware of its existence. The rate of drop is not the maximum, but something is better than nothing, right? Ceres is a good starting point after completing Mars. Gabii is a dark sector mission, as we have mentioned up above.

Semieni (Ceres) Dark Sector

Ceres has a few essential dark sector missions, and Semieni is one of them. You need to target the ones rushing towards defense to get in your extra coins. If you have the resource farming components like Nekros, it becomes a lot easier to secure the final win. 

Orokin Derelict Survival

When it comes to collecting Orokin cells, Derelict might not be the best option around, especially with them being hidden away in special missions. Some of the famous tasks on Derelict include Neurods, Mutagen Mass, etc., to get your share of the Orokin Cells. One of the primary reasons Derelict is often kept as the last choice is the rising number of enemies and the lack of dump of Orokin cells.


So, the next time you are in Warframe trying to navigate your way to find the best ways to farm Orokin cells, keep these farming locations in mind. If we had to suggest the best planet for farming, we’d suggest you stick to Saturn and gain as much as you can from there before you have to move on to the more challenging and more complicated options. Start with General Sargas Ruk and then move onto Gabii or Seimeni.