As with all creative passions, photography gets a lot of interest by a variety of people, but what are those professional secrets that you don’t hear about. I am sure you have thought; how do they do that? Or, how can I recreate that picture? This article aims to help you understand some of the best-kept secrets in photography and how you can recreate them with ease.


The first of which is being technology forward in your approach to your art. For many of the arts, technology is not considered as your friend, but with photography it has opened up so many new and exciting things. It is important to harvest this new technological advancement with your own sensors and feelings to create breath-taking shots.

No matter which camera or apparatus you are using to create your photos, you should completely understand it and practise with all of their settings. It is important to really grasp the technology you have available to you and test out different shots or pictures. This may take a lot of time and effort, but you will be a better photographer in the end.

If you are able to fully understand your editing software, filters and additional extras on your camera or how to set up lighting correctly. Automatically you are ahead of the curve. Remember that the amount of time you spend working with technology, the easier it will be to give your audience and yourself exactly what you want.

Don’t take it too seriously

This is easier said than done, but a true motto to live by when you are shooting any content. It is always difficult to predict when you will be able to create those amazing photographs or which days they will coincide with but they shouldn’t get you down. Persistence really is key with photography; even the best, most studied photographers like those at Photo-Seminars have bad days.

This point is a gentle reminder that you are only human and it is the most important one. Nevertheless, you should grasp any photo opportunity you can take. This will help you master your art and grow, but this can be done with friends in silly situations or whilst you are out an about, it doesn’t have to be a serious shoot all the time.


With any creative career confidence in your art, your ability and yourself is the most important thing. You must be able to use your confidence to put yourself in exceptional situations, or to take the plunge to capture some beautiful photos. Confidence can be a god given skill, others may need more time to work on it and truly feel it within themselves, do not rush the process.

It is important to remember that these are things that money cannot buy, so please do not get het up about having the latest items, lenses or accessories to boost your confidence. Spend time mastering your art, exploring your talents and getting out of your comfort zone will exenterate this natural process. It will also make you a great photographer, over time you will have actually earned the confidence to price and discover great photo opportunities.

Treat Photography like Meditation

Many of the well-known photographers express their talent as a form of escapism. If you are able to think of your skill as a way to let off some steam and really relax, it may be help you develop your skills. It requires a lot of desire to actually capture the photos and creativity. Nevertheless, these usually come hand in hand with any photographer, regardless of their level or time spent capturing photos.

Remember to focus on yourself and what you are interested in, anything that makes it as natural as possible will allow your audience to understand a lot more about you, as well as the content of the photograph. Over time this will be your unique selling point.


Whilst these points may seem very generic, they are very important. These are the things that photographers would never openly explain to you. Your art is your own, you do with it what you will, but remember your talent comes from within. The most important job you have is to be in a calm, knowledgeable state to be able to release this talent and really show your abilities. There are probably many other secrets that photographers would not want you to know, but these are the most important for your own personal development.