In today’s society some of the biggest issues people face are “money issues”, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to do what you love.

Well when it comes to the video game industry, if your passion is playing, then look for someone that is paying. Now we are not talking quit your job and expect big returns, but some side cash to pay off a bill or to save up for something nice.

We have put together a list of the fastest and easiest ways for some regular joe, or Josephine to make money within the video game industry.

Games Journalism

Gaming journalism is a great way to get started in this niche. Now, as your reading this obviously someone sat down and researched this topic and put together this journalism piece for all you readers. Why not give it a try yourself.

There is a couple ways to make some dough on this side writing, you could write reviews, or news pieces. How do you start out, well i’m glad you asked the two main ways people get started out is either joining a well established website/publication, or starting your own blog/website.

Write your opinion, market it on social media or get paid directly from the source of a magazine or website. Just reach out, they are always taking test submissions and looking for new talent. All you have to do is try, what could you loose?

If journalism is not your forte, then maybe creating guides. Every Gamer at some points needs guidance, whether it’s to clear a level or get all the in game collectibles for achievements.

Someone needs to play the games, and then create step by step guides for everyone to use. There are many websites that will pay big bucks for these guides. If you have the time and are detailed oriented, then this might be the avenue that is best for you


Twitch streaming has become all the craze of late, you get to watch a comentation session of a person playing a popular or unpopular game.

Twitch has many ways to make money do this as well. Through twitch partnership, ads, tips or bits from subscribers, and asking for donations. And people are earning money there by playing anything from Fortnite to online casino .

These are all ways people get paid to live stream themselves playing their favorite games. This sounds complicated but it actually is simplified to a few key steps to start your channel.

STEP 1. Create an account on Twitch, you will need to use your email and create a password (or connect to Facebook). You will also have to verify your age with your birthday due to strict rules about being over the age of 13.

STEP 2. Download the twitch streaming software, follow the instructions labeled

STEP 3. If you want people to see you when you stream you will need a recording webcam and if you would like them to hear you a microphone.

STEP 4. The last step is to either connect or create a PayPal account to receive the profits youl will start to rake in. Have fun and always keep them entertained.

Now we get to the fun part about twitch the “money”, as previously stated there is many ways to make money on twitch the first one we will cover is donations.

When you start your twitch channel you will be given the option to add a donations button, where strangers who enjoy your content can donate real money to help your cause and grow your channel.

These donations can range from 1 dollar to thousands depending on the individual donating. This comes directly to you and the best part is you don’t even have to be a twitch partner yet. That brings us to our next topic.

Twitch partnership is an amazing way to add revenue to your account, but is only available after you hit the 500 regular viewers mark. Then you get the option to add a subscribe button to your channel. Then twitch itself will pay you a certain amount per every subscription you have.

The last major way twitch channels earn major bucks is ad revenue. Once you become a twitch partner and your subscribers list is growing, ads on your channel will start to net you around $250 a month per 100 subscribers.

That’s a decent chunk if money per every 100 subs. So now you can see how a twitch channel, when successfully executed can start to exponentially grow your profits.

Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube is by far the leading video media website available on the internet. A Lot of people have made a lot of money making videos for the mass quantity of consumers that view youtube daily.

It is honestly the perfect place to express yourself or build a brand name as a channel. The great part about the platform is that you can make serious “dough” on advertising on your videos.

This process is called monetization of content, now there is a catch to this imperfect system. Although you can make serious money on your content, you have to adhere to strict rules and regulations to gain monetization. Any videos can be monetized, if you have copyright owners on them. Which means you can create a video about playing on a casino –  such as or do a video of yourself playing League of Legends and so on.

These rules are stated in the terms of service agreement you click through when accepting to be monetized.

Now before you get to the point of making money, you have to create an account, record some content, and gain a follower and subscriber base, to achieve this i have some quick pointers for beginning youtubers.

Tip 1. Create content that not only interests your viewers but also interest you, it is easier to record videos and keep it relevant if your interests align with your content.

Tip 2. Create a content schedule. Viewers appreciate content on a regular basis. This also allows you to track the amount of views and followers you obtain weekly.

Tip 3. Listen to your viewers. When you get requests to make certain content, at least think about creating said content. Your viewers will thank you.

Tip 4. Keep it professional and have fun

Paid Beta Testing

There are many sites that will pay you anywhere from 10 to 50 dollars per app or game tested for them. These sites or companies are a basic middle man for the creators of the games and you the testers. They send you the game or app and you have a specific window to test it, take notes or record yourself playing, and send it back. After the games beta phase is over, you get laid for your evaluation. Some of the more popular

Sites are Playtestcloud and Betafamily to name only a few. Try them out, if you have some free time to kill and could use the flexible extra income.