Many people play video games every day, but what motivates them to turn to this version of visual media. Certain people turn to games to release stress, and others to have boat loads of fun, but my personal favorite reason is the pure adrenaline rush that certain games can give the player. Today we will be looking at some of the most jam packed adrenaline ride styled game types and modes.

Gambling Games

Nothing feels better than the rush of playing online roulette or poker and putting your skill to the test for some real money gains or losses. That feeling when your up and don’t want to lose, it’s almost the same as when you’re down and your luck changes. Or when you place a sports bet on your favorite team and it wins.

Sometimes the ride is half the battle for these games. Knowing that you could win big makes you say just one more hand, and when that pays off and you log off with major winnings, the next time you play is just around the corner in your mind. This feeling of “luck” being on your side is the definition of an adrenaline rush.And the best thing to find that if you’re a gambler – find the best payout online casino.

Competitive Shooters

Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield drop you into a situation where you feel like everything is out to kill you.

Everytime you die and get revived you gain a little bit more angst toward wanting to kill that next enemy, and with how fast paced games like these can be every corner you turn and barrier you jump over becomes the last you could be taking.

The mixture of fear and adrenaline its the perfect mix to create a wonderland of crazy roller coaster rides. Even if you’re amazing at this type of game, there is still a sense of competitive rivalry that fuels the adrenaline inside of every gamers blood.

Racing Games

Franchises like Forza and Dirt Rally are built on the premise that your about to embark on a journey of fast paced racing in unlikely places.

The thrill of going one hundred down a dirt road, or the center roadway in italy while cyber fans scream your name is enough to make any racing fan quiver in their seats. T

aking that Ninety Degree turn going eighty and fishtailing it perfectly is a design perfectly built by the game creators to blow you away.

The best part is being able to do all of this in a Ferrari or Lamborghini, cars that many people will never be able to drive in real life.

This feeling of wonder and excitement mix perfectly with the challenging driving mechanics to make an experience that will last you a lifetime.

Horror Games

Just like horror movies draw crowds by the thousands just to be terrified in dark rooms, video games are able to do the same, except these are more immersive than movies are.

Games like Resident Evil and The Evil Within are able to drop you directly into the action that the movie stars are dealing with.

The lack of supplies and sheer jump scares along side the perfect lighting and sound effects make playing these game truthfully terrifying.

Adrenaline can be triggered by many things and these games trigger the fear and excitement side of adrenaline on extreme levels.

Some of these games are best played in the dark with headphones on to experience the perfect mix of sound and realism. Be aware you may need to put these games down, take a break and come back.


Massive multiplayer online games have almost cult followings, and there is many reasons why, from the massive creativity or selection of characters to play, to the extensive list of skills available to use.

All of these meshed with the fact that you’re facing many other people online in a semi open world, is a recipe for the jitters. When you move your character into a area and realize there is many other players on the opposite side of the spectrum from you, ready to mess you up and it is all up to you to strategically place spells and skills to try and achieve victory. T

hen you get to the item or character skin grinding, that is a whole other side to these games that can kick your adrenaline into overdrive.

When you spend twenty plus hours grinding for the perfect weapon or outfit and you finally get it, it makes you almost jump up in joy. The feeling of achievement feels exhilarating.

Difficult Games

There is a side market of the gaming industry that focuses more on the hardcore fandom of specific series. A perfect example of this are games like Dark Souls, or Bloodborne.

These games are purposely made as difficult as possible for good reason. They present more a solitary challenge than more multiplayer based games.

Going into a boss battle with one potion and a half broken sword but coming out victorious makes you feel like a champion, and then you get over confident and get destroyed by the basic enemy behind a door hiding waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The mix of achievement, difficulty, anger, and fear are used to create an atmosphere that puts the player in a adrenaline fueled state of permanent amazement, or permanent hatred.

No matter what these games do to you they must be doing something right because they have millions of copies sold each year.


No matter where you land on the spectrum of video game types out there in the massive gaming world today, we all have moments of pure enjoyment and excitement. If that isn’t the definition of adrenaline seeking behavior then i do not know what is, and i don’t want to know either. This is something we all secretly love about the video games produced today and i would love to see more video games taking these approaches. When gaming out there make sure whatever game you are playing, you have fun and enjoy yourself. I know I will. Game on.