sims3-storySince The Sims 3 is such a popular and beloved game, today we’re continuing the series of “tips and tricks” posts with the clear, step by step instructions on how to create a Sims 3 Story. So if you want to find out how exactly can you create stories using The Sims 3 images, we’ve got the instructions coming from the official site, so everything will work as intended by the developers! Here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to the official website of The Sims 3 and click on Movies & More, then click on Create a Story.
2. Click on the Backgrounds tab to select a background: click on Colors for solid backgrounds or Designs for various patterns.
3. Complete the Story Title field with the title for your Sims 3 story.
4. Start adding images by dragging and dropping them from the Images tab to the Pages area. You can use images offered by EA by clicking on the Images button (under the tab with the same name) or you can use your own images by clicking on the My Images tab.
5. After you’re done with the images, you can add audio from the tab with the same name and dragging them to the Soundtrack.
6. You can then add extra text for each image by clicking on the desired image and typing the text in the Page Text area. You can preview the whole thing by clicking on the Preview button
7. If you’re satisfied with your The Sims 3 story, you must click the Save it button to save the story.
8. Next you can publish your story. To do so, add its title in the Enter a Title field, select its genre in the Select a Category menu and a language in the Select a Language menu. Enter a description and check if you wish it to be a private story or a public one. Click on Publish and you’re done!