All lovers out there who are not Anti Cupid in FarmVille have a new treat from Zynga: the Tunnel of Love, where you will get to help couples and earn rewards for your farm. The feature is very fun (and similar to the Penguin Escapade if you still remember) and I am here to share with you all the details about it and tell you how to build and how to use the Tunnel of Love in FarmVille.

The Tunnel of Love will be automatically “attached” to your farm, in the lower side of your farm. Next, you will need to send animals through the Tunnel of Love and help them get a baby – and help comes from your friends who will send you the items required to successfully master the Tunnel of Love.

We have three animal couples that should successfully pass through the Tunnel of Love in FarmVille: the Giraffe couple, the Peacock couple and the Bear couple. Each has an own baby animal to give (you’ll get to keep it!) so it’s a must to make sure you send all of the animals through the tunnel.

Here are the requirements to complete the rides for all three couples:

The Giraffe couple: Hire 5 friends to serenade and spark romance
The Peacock Couple: Get 8 Valentines (from friends)
The Bear Couple: Collect 10 Love Seats, 10 Pink Boards and 10 Boat Pedal

And that’s it! This all you need to use the Tunnel of Love and make these animal couples have a baby!