As previously announced, the FarmVille Horsestable expansion is here and we’ll need a ton of materials in order to expand the storage of our FarmVille stables (200 items to be precise, which is huge!). Fortunately, I have for you a treat you certainly expected: the material links for the horse stable expansion! Simple share them with your friends and you’ll complete your four expansions immediately!

Here are the FarmVille Horsestable Material Links (click them to send!)

FarmVille HorseStable Brick Material Link
FarmVille HorseStable Harness Material Link
FarmVille HorseStable Horseshoe Material Link
FarmVille HorseStable Nail Material Link
FarmVille HorseStable Wooden Board Material Link

These are the direct links for the materials needed to expand your stables, so make sure you direct your friends to them and tell them to send you all the needed materials. Also, make sure you act fast because Zynga might decide to stop these links from working sooner or later.

Did you use Unigamesity’s FarmVille Horsestable Material Links to expand your stable in the game?