Hay Fever is the new theme that was introduced in Frontierville this week. That means there are new decorations that you can buy from the Market. Limited Edition items are:

Bear Cart (39 Horseshoe)
Pink Buggy (55 Horseshoe)
Black Buggy (55 Horseshoe)
Hay Cart (16 Horseshoe)
Empty Hay Cart (16 Wood 15,000 Coins)
Brown Poopcart (25 Horseshoe)
Green Poopcart (25 Horseshoe)
Yellow Poopcart (25 Horseshoe)

Other new items added to the Market are:

Pull Cart (25 Wood 10,000 Coins)
Double Rainbow (25 Horseshoe)
Mower (25 Horseshoe)
Farm Rake (5 Wood 2,000 Coins)
Seed Drill (8 Wood 3,200 Coins)

The Blonde Buggy and the Brown Buggy are locked and you need to add a neighbor to unlock them. Or you can pay 7 Horseshoe to unlock these items. Once unlocked, you can purchase each of the items for 10,000 coins and 20 wood.

If you got some free space in your homestead then you can decorate that space with one of these items. At least you control the growth of grass in your Frontierville homestead.

Which of these items have you bought for your homestead? Do you think it’s worth buying the limited items?