After checking out the Halo 4 walkthrough here on Unigamesity, you probably consider that it’s the right time to move forward and get into the Halo 4 multiplayer. However, the experience there can be truly shocking (especially if you have never played a Halo multiplayer before) and some tips and tricks for a better strategy can do no harm.

Therefore, I am here to share with you some suggestions on how to get more from the Halo 4 multiplayer and make sure that you don’t finish the game with a rage quit followed by hitting the console with your fist – as if it was its fault (yes, been there, done that!). So here are some Halo 4 multiplayer tips:

Go higher and higher

Try to reach higher ground when the game type permits it. Not only that it gives you an advantage over the players who are one or more levels down, but also helps you reach your objective faster, cover distances better and overall keep an eye on things and help you plan better.

Play with friends

Not only that teaming up with people you know is a lot more fun than being the lone ranger, but this also helps you up to create strategies, communicate and improve your game as a team. And who knows? Maybe this experience will even turn you into the greatest clan ever!

Don’t rush alone!

No matter if you’re playing with your friends or strangers, never try to rush without the help and support of your teammates. We all tried to do it, we all thought that we can do it, but this rarely happens. Be a team player and be patient (or at least don’t rush alone!)

Focus on the objective

Unlike other games where having most kills matters the most, in Halo 4 focusing on the objective (where is the case) really matters and counts as a win: hold the oddball the longest, for example, or capturing the flag will bring you a lot of experience!

But don’t stick to the oddball

You might want to be the one who keeps it the longest, but if your death is imminent, it’s better to throw the ball to a teammate: it’s better for the team to have the ball than for you to keep it a couple more seconds. Be a team player!

Capture the flag tips

Although its the best feeling to be the one carrying the flag to safety, try to think “teamwork” first and if you are the better skilled or if you have the better weapons (aka power-weapons) it might be better to let another teammate get the flag while you are their bodyguard, killing everybody around. It might be even more fun this way!

Choose your weapon right

The Assault Rifle is usually the common choice of the gamer, but why not try to be that special one and use the DMR? It’s your easy to use sniper rifle and it can be deadly once you get used to it!

Learn the maps

Of course, this requires time, but I am sure you have a lot of that. So learn the maps you’re playing and especially the power weapons and vehicles that you can use to get the advantage. The Ragnarok map, for example, with all its vehicles, is a map where getting inside a vehicle is a must!

Use the holograms

Except for getting the T-bagging easter egg, the hologram can actually be very useful and save you in certain situations: for example, a long corridor with an ambush waiting at the other end can be turned in your favor by sending your hologram out, head first!

And this should be it! These are my Halo 4 multiplayer tips to help you get more of the experience and I am sure you have even more to share with us, so don’t hesitate to share your strategies for the Halo 4 multiplayer below!