Hello everybody and welcome to the first episode of the complete King’s Bounty: Legions guide: the guide to King’s Bounty Legions interface! I know that for starters, the user interface might be completely overwhelming, so I have decided to create this guide in order to let you know what each button does and help you navigate your way through the fantasy world of the title without any problems!

Let’s start with the first screen that you will see when you log in to the game, the world map screen. Most of the things that are available on this screen are also available in the expanded city screen that we’ll talk more about below. Now let’s see what each of these icons is useful for in King’s Bounty: Legions:

1. Your experience and level indicator
2. Your leadership indicator (more leadership allows you to recruit more troops)
3. Your coins (money)
4. Facebook credits for purchasing special items and goodies
5. Your stamina (energy) and remaining time until you get one extra energy
6. The Royal Shop icon where you can purchase premium items
7. The flag that indicates the position of your hero (leader)
8. Locations you can travel to
9. Army management tab (you can open it by pressing the shortcut key A on your keyboard)
10. Spellbook (shortcut key: B)
11. Quest Journal (shortcut key: J)
12. Inventory (shortcut key: I)
13. Gifts
14. City Mode / Map Mode depending on your location (Shortcut key: N)
15. Toggle Full Screen Mode

Now, if you click the City Mode button, you will be taken to your location where there are a few new icons for you to use:

1. The list of NPCs (non playable characters) that you can interact with. If a character has a question mark, it has a quest for you, if there is an exclamation mark, there is a reward you must collect. You can always talk to these characters, even after completing tasks and quests.
2. The Regular shop where you can buy extra troops for your army management screen as well as potions and items. IMPORTANT: Each location offers DIFFERENT troops and items, so you might wish to remember what each one offers!
3. Patrol: Start the Patrol mode (while you are not playing)
4. The Battle Button (Shortcut: Space). More about it below.
5. Global messages: you can see here all of the latest happenings in the game.

Now let’s see a few things about the Battle menu (after pressing the Battle Button). There are two tabs you can select: the Monsters tab where you can start fights for completing missions (battles against the AI):

And there is also the PvP menu which can be accessed there and you can start looking for a real opponent to fight against here:

Now, if you head into the battle, things might seem again overwhelming since the screen offers you even more information:

1. The level of your hero and the opposing hero
2. That greyed out pattern shows how far the active troop can move. You are not obliged to move all the hexagons and you can take just one step (or more, if possible) and then perform an action.
3. The active troop is shown here.
4. The special actions a troop can perform. Have in mind that special actions have cool-down times (a specific number of turns must be completed before it can be used again).
5. The spells you can use in combat
6. Denfend button. Your troop will skip turn and gain a defensive bonus.
7. Wait button. Wait and see what the opponent does, then move your troop.
8. Spellbook
9. Withdraw from battle

Further more, you can find out a lot of interesting and important details about the troops in battle if you right click any troop:

1. Icons show in this order, from left to right: when the indicated troop will activate, type of troop and alignment
2. Details about the troop you have clicked on.

And that would be it. It might seem that it’s very difficult to know everything about the King’s Bounty Legions interface, but it’s not really that complicated once you get used to it!