Rockstar have stated that the potential and hope behind Grand Theft Auto Online is to create an entire Grand Theft Auto world that consists of “everything we’ve done or are going to do then let the player freely move between them.” In the latest Gameinformer issue Leslie Benzies, Rockstar North president, was able to offer up new details concerning this ambitious online mode.

Supposedly, GTA Online will basically be the single-player game with an inclusion of real life people populating the world and competitive matches. You can golf, drive, buy houses, ride helicopters, rob a bank, complete heists, meet characters, etc. in GTA Online. Also, GTA Online will precede GTA5, allowing the player to meet characters that might make an appearance in the main single-player narrative.

Benzies also revealed that the concept behind GTA Online started alongside the production of GTA 3. So this plan was set in stone for quite some time. He goes on:

“We’ve always wanted to create a world with the complexity of a single-player Grand Theft Auto game with the addition of real players. We wanted a world where people could spend years without getting bored of playing the same content over and over. I think we’ve managed to achieve something very close to our dream.”

GTA Online will sport over 500 missions that will be available from the get-go. An extra 200 missions will be added in future DLC as well. When starting up your Online adventure, you have to choose your character’s appearance, their parents, lifestyles and preferences; all of which will determine your starting statistics.

The whole point behind GTA Online is to amass heaps of cash which in turn will enable you to buy property and cars. Rival players can even kill you and steal all of your cash; which is why you’ll want to visit ATM machines regularly.

The company also issued a statement of warning. On their website they explained that leaks from the game are “inevitable”. “Hi all, now that we’re within a week of game release, there’s bound to be some inevitable game info and asset leaks,” Rockstar Games said. Of course this is also a response to the world map that was leaked a couple of days ago.

The wait is almost over, Grand Theft Auto comes out on September 17 for the 360 and PS3. Just 6 days away.

(Via: IGN)