nintendo_wiiAnd the great news at the Game Developers Conference this year started with Nintendo who announced plans for expanding the crappy Wii storage solution. Unfortunately for those with high hopes, no internal hard disk was announced for future consoles, but things are still looking pretty good.

During Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata’s keynote at the GDC 2009, we found out that the Wii firmware 4.0 which is available for download already, comes with a new SD Card channel, which now supports cards of 32GB. Also, games can be downloaded directly onto these cards and you are allowed play from the SD cards too.

Nintendo says that such a SD card can hold up to 240 games, which means that Nintendo Wii titles would make, size-wise, PC users smile and remember the long gone days when floppy disks were still used. Still, the Wii is the most successful console – as strange as it might be. And now it supports 32GB SD cards. And my 1TB HDD can’t stop laughing.