Gambling can be addicting, but it can also be fun. If you know the difference from enjoying it occasionally and investing only what you can lose – it might be a decent way to make time fly away, relax or get that adrenaline rush when you hit it big.

And there are many awesome games that you can play for free, without investing any money of yours and gamble.

Gambling on Mobile

A lot of people started playing games that are considered gambling on their mobile. You’ve probably seen those type of games and probably played some. Poker, slots, blackjack – these are the most common ones.

Leovegas for example, known as the King of Mobile Casino in India, has a great iphone app and offer a lot of games that you can play. Slots, Bingo, Poker, Blackjack – almost anything you’d want. And the best part is – you can either play it with ‘fun money’ or with real ones.


One thing that I enjoy doing is betting on sports. I usually check the statistics and see how the teams performed in the past and what’s the most possible outcome. And I put on the safest matches. Of course, there are times when even the safest match can do a surprise. I usually check news about online casino, sports and poker to see what happen in the industry and which team got a new player or are selling their star player.

For example, when Ole came back to Manchester United – I made a killing betting on United every weekend. It appears that betting on them now is not so safe, but it was fun back then.


I personally enjoy playing poker once in a while. I’m not playing high stakes or anything, just a few sit and go’s now and then. Playing poker is a good way for me to relax on weekends and its also considered a good way to improve your patience, attention and math skills.

After all, you need all of those to be a good poker player. Plus, you’d also need strong decision making skills. Especially when you’re against a player that went all in and you have 10 seconds to make a decision. Its more than a game of luck, its a game of patience, attention, skill and decision making.

And its fun to play, at least for me.


Slots are not real funny to me, as they can get pretty addicting. But I enjoy playing those occasionally as well. You don’t have to think too much, you don’t have to calculate odds – its a good way to spend a friday afternoon after coming back from work.

As long as it doesn’t catch you and you spend more that you can afford, slots can be a fun game that you can play from your mobile, laptop, tablet or even at a real casino – its up to you.

There are more games that you can play, these are just my favorites. You could also try Blackjack – but that may get boring after a while. Its not as dynamic as Poker is, but you need a lot of math skills there too and a strong decision making.

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