It is a common knowledge that there are computers that help in the development of critical thinking, memory, and reasoning. In fact, there are intriguing studies showing that pc games can help develop the mind—although it is not suggested to slack off all day in front of the computer.

There are some critical-thinking games you can play for free and will help in expanding your mind, from the most common online board games to intricate puzzles. Here are a few for you to try:

  • PC Chess


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Chess is known to be a battle of strategies and advance thinking between two minds. However, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, and technology in general, people can now play different games on their gaming desktop against varying levels of difficulty.

Playing chess will help exercise both sides of your brain. It improves critical-thinking and problem-solving skills for young children and adults alike. In fact, chess is now being used to help treat schizophrenia at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience in Bron, France.

  • Sudoku


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One of the most popular number games these days, Sudoku is a puzzle game where you fill in the blank spaces according to specific rules. The game has positive effects on the brain. It improves memory and logic while stimulating the mind. It’s been proven that people who play has reduced chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Playing Sudoku on your computer can also help improve concentration.

  • Crosswords


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Test your vocabulary with different online crossword puzzles. When newspapers went digital, so did the handy puzzles. Crosswords are now available online for free. Completing a crossword puzzle is so satisfying that it improves your mood.

The puzzle you play on your computer also lets you think critically, and it is proven to increase verbal skills. Playing crosswords also lowers the risk of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  • Escape Room Games


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Escape-room games are elaborate and time-consuming. You need to find the escape room answers and to proceed the next level. They are very challenging and combines puzzles, riddles, and hidden-object games. Some of these escape-room games feature intriguing storylines and plots that will keep you glued in front of your computer.

There are paid versions of these games, but don’t worry—there are hundreds of free versions too. Escape-room games will stimulate your mind to think outside the box and find clues. Be a detective for a time and solve puzzles to escape the room.

  • Tetris


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One of the oldest PC games around, Tetris has been studied by various scientific communities. According to Plymouth University professor Jackie Andrade, Tetris and similar games use a lot of brain space that it prevents users from thinking about stress, cravings, and other matters. The game has been proven to improve logic, decision-making, concentration, and critical thinking.

Tetris helps in improving brain efficiency and even assists with diets and addictions. This mentally stimulating game is available in many versions online for free.

  • Lumosity


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Technically not a game, Lumosity is a website that features many brain-training games. You can sign up for free and avail three free mental exercise games per day. Or you can choose to sign up for the premium account and enjoy all the features.

From pattern recognition to reasoning, the well-known brain-training game is very popular to both young and mature users.

  • Scribblenauts Unlimited

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A free action puzzle game originally developed for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Scribblenauts Unlimited is now available for Windows. The game is already the fourth installment of the Scribblenauts puzzle series.

In this game, you play the role of Maxwell and use your imagination to solve puzzles. From inventing sticks to training a dog to creating a flying bike to reach a destination, explore the vast world with different puzzle themes.

  1. Fit Brains Trainer by Rosetta Stone

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Developed by award-winning brain-training app developer, Fit Brains Trainer features over 360 brain games. Now available for desktops, the game package features free games and premium content.

The games in Fit Brains Trainer are designed to help train the mind, as its name suggests. It features games that help enhance memory, processing speed, problem solving, visual-spatial skills, and more. Fit Brains Trainer also uses an index that measures cognitive performances and offers personalized tools to track your progress.

In a time full of speed and hustle, playing games is just one of the few ways to slow down and relax. But with the games mentioned, not only will it help you relax, but it can also improve your memory, response time, logic, hand-eye coordination, and reasoning. There are many more free critical-thinking games available on the internet—go ahead and search for them. Have fun!