Here’s another Frontierville-Mafia Wars cross promotions. Yesterday I reported about the Sharp Axe Promo that rewards a Sharp Axe in Frontierville every time you gain a level in Mafia Wars.

Now Zynga just launched a new cross promo between the two games. This time around you need to gain two levels in Frontierville to earn an exclusive Frontier Chainsaw. Does Zynga have any issues with trees? As you can see both rewards can be used to cut down trees in real life.

In order to activate the promo, you must click on the Start the Promotion button of the popup announcement in Mafia Wars. This will direct you to Frontierville where another popup will confirm that you’re ready to earn the Frontier Chainsaw.

The Frontier Chainsaw is a Weapon with a 56 Attack 38 Defense rating. Frontierville players at a high level will find it difficult to gain two more levels. Also for this promo, you need to be at least level 7 in Frontierville to get the Frontier Chainsaw.

With the two promos, Zynga is trying to cash in on its two most popular games today. Will we see a Farmville/Frontierville cross promo in the near future?


  1. The Frontierville Chainsaw for Mafia Wars seems to be hit-or-miss as does the Axes for Frontierville from Mafia Wars.
    Getting the Axe sometimes at every lvl or at every 3.
    As to the Chainsaw, I started the promotion from Mafia Wars and started at lvl one in Frontier, I’m now lvl 15 and Still no chainsaw.
    This is not new with Zygna tho, cafe world took Many extra lvl’s, Texas hold’em still no pocket rockets nor ace of the sleeve, lvl 16 on poker now.
    They (Zygna) would do best in Filling and Awarding these things if they are promising them on these cross-promotions.


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