After using the Snake Cannon in Part 3, the next goal will have you use the Groundhog Cannon. Groundhogs: This Time It is Personal requires the player to harvest ten Crops, fire Groundhog Cannon, and buy one Pitchfork.

To fire the Groundhog Cannon, there must be a Groundhog in your homestead. Planting Potatoes can help you find a Groundhog as well as harvest the required Crops for the goal. Harvesting neighbor crops doesn’t count.

Just like the Snake Cannon, the Groundhog Cannon might misfire. Make sure you have Powder Kegs and a Groundhog target before using the cannon. If you have the requirements to use the cannon, don’t use it in full screen. Zynga is still trying to sort the issues regarding its Varmint Cannons.

Once you’ve completed the goal, you’ll get 100 XP and a Powder Keg. You also have the chance to share Groundhog Collectibles to your Frontierville friends. That is, if your Groundhog Cannon does fire.

This is a easy goal for those keeping a pet Groundhog in their homestead. But issues with Varmint Cannons still exist. Hopefully Zynga blasts the bugs away from them.