In FrontierVille, starting today, there will be a new type of quest: the timed quest or timed mission which can be started whenever you want to, but has to be completed in a specific time period, otherwise it will be failed and you won’t be able to do the quest again! The first quest in this more challenging type of missions is the It’s Canning Time quest.

Here are the requirements for completing the first FronteirVille timed quest, It’s canning time, which has a 48 hours time limit to be completed:

– Harvest 100 Tomatoes
– Harvest 20 Cherry Trees
– Collect 10 Canning Jars

Tomatoes can be harvested in 15 minutes, while Cherry Trees go ripe every 8 minutes. The only problem, therefore, remains the gathering of Canning Jars – you get them by asking your friends for more. However, since it’s 48 hours we’re talking about, I’m sure that this mission won’t provide too much of a challenge for the most hardcore FrontierVille players.

What do you think about these timed missions in the game? Like them or hate them?