After preparing a feast for the Jackalope Society, Part 2 of the Jackalope Society goals involves telling your friends about it. The tasks for Invite Friends to the Jackalope Society are:

  • Collect ten Jackalope RSVPs
  • Visit two Neighbors

To collect ten Jackalope RSVPs, click on the green Ask Friends button. It will then post a wall feed that will request Jackalope RSVPs from your friends. Take note that you can only receive three items per wall post. If you need more, then you can post again to ask for more.

Another way to get Jackalope RSVPs is to keep your eye on your wall feed. When you click on a RSVP request, you give one to your friend and you’ll get one as well. You can complete it faster by being generous to your Frontierville neighbors.

The other half of the Invite Friends to the Jackalope Society is simple enough. You just need to visit two Frontierville neighbors. You don’t even need to do anything in their homesteads.