Frontierville introduced a new building, the Jackalope Lodge. And in line with it, there are new goals to complete in the game. Once you complete the Jackalope Society Missions, you’ll also unlock the new Frontierville Badge System.

Part 1 of the Jackalope Society Missions is the Jackalope Society Initiation. The Society sends an invitation for you to join their ranks. You must now prepare a feast to welcome them into your homestead.

For the goal you need to:

  • Harvest five Corns
  • Sell five Adult Chickens
  • Buy one BBQ Grill in the Market

This is easy to complete. If you are a Frontierville old timer then you must already have Adult Chickens in your homestead to sell. Corns take 12 hours to be ready but take note that neighbors watering your corn are considered as a harvest. As for the BBQ Grill, you can find one in the Market. If you already own one, you can’t place it in the Storage Shed and place it in the homestead again. Zynga already worked on a fix for that bug. You have to buy one to complete this goal.