Even though training in FM 2013 has changed drastically, the way coaches work has remained the same so basically, if you learned what attributes each coach needs from Football Manager 2012 or prior versions of the game, you already know how to find good coaches in Football Manager 2013.

If not, or if you need a refresh, I am here to share with you a Football Manager 2013 coaches guide and tell you about the attributes they need to be masters of their categories!

First of all, there are three attributes that each coach must have and the better they are, the better the skill of the coach. These are considered SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES so they don’t increase the stars of the coaches as much as the primary ones listed below, but they offer bonuses:

– Determination
– Level of Discipline
– Motivating

Strength coach or Aerobic coach
Primary attribute: Fitness

GK – Shoot Stopping and GK – Handling
Primary attribute: Goalkeepers

Tactics coach
Primary attribute: Tactical

Ball Control coach
Primary attribute: Technical
Secondary attribute: Mental

Defending coach
Primary attribute: Defending
Secondary attribute: Tactical

Attacking Coach
Primary attribute: Attacking
Secondary attribute: Tactical

Shooting Coach
Primary attribute: Technical
Secondary attribute: Attacking

If you want to calculate and know exactly how many stars will a coach give you in Football Manager 2013, there is a small program that you can download and use: Coach Calculator. And all your problems are gone! Don’t worry that it’s for FM 2011, things haven’t changed at all since!