One of the new staff members that were introduced to Football Manager 2013 is the Director of Football. He can be extremely useful if you know how to choose him right, and I am sure you already wonder how to choose a good Director of Football in FM 2013 and what stats are most important for him.

Therefore, I have decided to write this short tutorial about the Director of Football in Football Manager 2013 and tell you everything you need to know.

Basically, in your game, the Director of Football will have as a main job getting you rid of unwanted players. You can also use him (as in real life) to find and bring new players to the club, but more on that later. Until then, here’s the stats to look at if you want your Director of Football to quickly and profitably sell your players in FM 2013:

Motivating (he has to be persuasive and convince others to buy your player, also extremely useful when using the DoF to sign players)
Determination (he WANTS to sell the player and will do everything to do it).

As I said, you can also have your Director of Football handle your incoming players. I completely prefer to do this on my own, but if you want to reduce the time spent, apart from the two stats mentioned above, your Director of Football should be good in:

– Judging Player Ability
– Judging Player Potential

These are two pretty obvious stats, since you need a person that is great at choosing the right players for your team and can easily tell how good they are at the moment and how good will they get.

If you want an example of what I consider a perfect Director of Football in FM 2013, check out the image in the top left corner.

And this is it, you now know how to choose a perfect Director of Football in Football Manager 2013!