The Last Remnant is an upcoming Square Enix action role playing game developed exclusively for Xbox 360s – a game that seems to be a child of Final Fantasy and Warriors Orochi. Anyway, Square Enix has decided to offer some extra goodies to those who decide to pre-order their title: three unlockable formations to boost your tactical strength during battle (whatever that means).

The Last Remnant brings us a rather cliché story: the world is divided in two: those who rule helped by some powerful artifacts (the Remnants) and those who are ruled. War starts and it soon spreads all over the planet – including Rush’s peaceful village which one night is invaded by soldiers. Rush’s sister Irina is kidnapped by the soldiers and that marks the beginning of your quest. We’d bet saving the world will somehow become your next objective, too.

However, this game does not appear to be your regular button mashing title, since Square Enix often uses “tactics” and “strategy” when talking about the combat. So the three unlockables you’ll get by pre-ordering the game might just come in handy. The Last Remnant will be released this November 20.